Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ghost earrings

halloween ghost earrings
Booo! Now don't be afraid. These little ghost's won't harm you. Halloween is creeping up on us faster than we know.  I saw these little handmade lamp work glass ghost beads, and  I  just had to buy them. This morning I made them into a pair of earrings. Aren't they cute? Not scary at all. I think they must be related to Casper. :-)  I also made another pair of pumpkin earrings.

This morning I took a walk into the woods to find a branch to display my earrings on so I could take a photo of them. Walking in the woods, I couldn't believe the amount of acorns that had fallen to the ground and made lots of crunchy noises as I walked along searching for just the right branch.
Here is  a photo of a tree that's leaves have already turned color.autumn leaves

halloween ghost and pumpkin earrings1
halloween ghost and pumpkin earrings 2
The background fabric in the photos; is  fabric that I bought yesterday at JoAnn's.  I plan on making a small pillow featuring the haunted house section. Unfortunately you can't see the whole image in the photo. The small skeleton fabric beneath the earrings is also a piece of  fabric I bought yesterday. Fun stuff!

I also took a photo of the strands of beads I bought yesterday at not simply beads. It was very sunny and I kept getting shadows. Drats, I hate when that happens.
The first strand is olive, brown and a greenish turquoise, a strand of multicolor bell flower shapes to be used as angel bodies for earrings in purple, green, blues, dark pink/maroon, a strand of rust colored, green with navy (love these), and lastly, purple Czech glass discs.
bead strands 

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Anonymous said...

Very, very pretty strands of beads, and I love the Halloween ear rings and fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Elaine your jewelry is GORGEOUS and your little grandchild is PRECIOUS!!!!