Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tim Holtz products

Today the weather was absolutely gorgeous just too nice to stay in an clean house. So, I decide to take a ride to Plymouth. I went to the waterfront to the not simply beads store. I didn't find the beads that I had gone there looking for, but I did end up buying several strands of beautiful beads. I also bought some really cute handblown glass ghost beads to make a pair of spooky, Halloween earrings. I will probably make the earrings tonight. I will post a photo when I get them finished.

My next stop was at JoAnn fabrics. There I bought 2 different Halloween fabrics.  I am hoping to make a haunted house pillow from one of the fabrics. I also picked up a spool of Halloween ribbon, stickers, and a few other little things.   I just  love digging thru the clearance bins hoping to find a bargain. My heart races when I find things on sale at an awesome price. I just love a bargain. :-)

I figured I couldn't go to Plymouth without making a stop at Michael's.  I am so glad that I decided to stop. They started to redo the Tim Holtz section at the beginning of the month. Today the shelves in that section were stocked with many of Tim's new items. It was great to find so many  Tim products the store hadn't carried before. I was hoping to find his newest book, but they didn't have that. I guess, I will have to order that online.
Since my last visit to the store the Tim section now has packages of grunge paper, the clear ruler with holes, tissue tape, the attacher/stapler with boxes of the tiny staples. The area was void of ink pads, but I was told that they would be coming in on Monday. I didn't see any new clear stamps of Tim's and don't know if they will get any of those sets in.
A few weeks ago they started bringing in several of Tim's new items, and I picked up quite a few items then. I am hoping they will continue to expand the Tim section. I love using my coupons for the more expensive items. I always feel so good when I get a bargain, don't you? :-)
Today, I bought a few Tim items, and debated on getting the attacher thingie, but wasn't sure how much I would use that. Do you have this item? Do you use it often?
I also ended up getting a pad of decorative 8 x 8 Halloween papers to make cards and a few other Halloween embellishments.
I figured I did enough damage to my checkbook for one day so I better stop my shopping expedition for the day.
I didn't go home. Instead I stopped at my friend, Betty Ann's. Betty Ann wanted to take a ride in my new vehicle so we did that. When we got back to her house we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting on her front porch enjoying the fresh air, warm breezes and sunshine. I had a great day, and I hope you did too.

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