Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1902 Princess Treadle sewing machine found a new home

I kept thinking about this Princess treadle sewing machine that I found yesterday and had shared photos on my blog, I decided to go back to the antique store and give it a second look after I took my dad home from grocery shopping. I was showing dad photos of the machine that I took on my cell phone. I loved the pretty decals on the machine and cabinet. Yesterday the workers at the store told me they would cut the price from a hundred dollars to seventy five. 

I called the store from my parents house today after lunch to see if the machine was still in the antique shop. I also asked if they would consider selling the Princess for fifty dollars. The woman told me she would have to ask her boss, but she would let me know. I got to the store, and was told that yes they would accept fifty dollars for the Princess. Yeah. My dad had handed me fifty dollars before I left his house. He said; if you can buy it for fifty, get it. Thanks Dad.

I hadn't looked yesterday so didn't realize that the machine didn't have regular bobbins or bobbin casing. Duh, but what did I know, as I'd never had a treadle machine before and didn't realize that the older machines had shuttles. 
machines vibrating shuttle. I had never seen one like this before and had been looking for a regular bobbin casing. 

As I looked the machine over I picked up my cell phone and wrote a message on Facebook to the Vintage Sewing Machine group and sent photos of the shuttle and also what I thought must have been the bobbins that I found in the drawer to see if the machine had all it's parts. Everyone has been wonderful to me on the Facebook group, a total treadle novice. As I waited for replies from anyone who happened to see my message, I dug through drawers in the cabinet and kept finding items that I never noticed yesterday. When I read replies that everything for the machine was there and correct I  knew that machine was definitely coming home with me.

the Princess taken apart and loaded into the back of my car ready to come home with me

 above and below ...cabinet with head of machine taken out..dirt encrusted black metal tray ( oil drip pan)
front center drawer that I didn't see when I found the machine yesterday. I found lots of goodies inside the 3 compartments.

left side of center drawer had needles

 middle section of center drawer. I don't know what that tool is in the middle, it has 2 prongs one on each side when turned over, anyone know what it is?

Below: right side of center, to find 2 keys for the cabinet and 7 small metal bobbins and someone told me there is also a quilting guide. No attachments were with the machine.

inside the left side drawer of cabinet stand had a wooden sock darner and several wood wheel casters, also several wooden and glass protectors to place under the legs of the machine. The decals are beautiful on the outside panel of the drawer  and in wonderful condition
Below...right side cabinet drawer that I found a wonderful surprise

Box with attachments that I found in the drawer

When I looked quickly in the drawer yesterday I thought the manual for the machine was a total loss, but much to my surprise today when I looked again, I found that yes the pages are very fragile, but most of the pages were intact except the front cover of the manual with the warranty page.

in pieces
 inside cover with machines diagram. I would love to find an intact manual. The complete page is in the drawer, but now to figure out how to put it together so I can photocopy it without tape showing. I can't believe that the machine had everything with it after all these years. I was told the antique shop workers had a hard time taking it down from the attic on the winding, narrow stairs.

rest of the pages from the manual

 Yesterday the belt was intact when I turned the wheel, but today when I got to the shop the belt had split in two, but I knew the belt was going to need to be replaced. I can't wait to start restoring this old sewing machine.I am sure that it will require lots of elbow grease and TLC, but I am so thrilled to have found the Princess a new home and life. Oh, and Tom's reaction was what I knew it would be..where are you going to put it.
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Joanne Huffman said...

What a fun project to work on. It's going to be so beautiful when you have it all cleaned up and ready to go. I don't know anything about treadle machines, but I think you got a real bargain.

Linda said...

Awesome find Elaine!! Congrats! Have fun!!!! Hugs from me! Linda

Barbara said...

Was there ever any doubt this would go home with you? I didn't have any. ;)