Saturday, August 10, 2013

Birds, Bee's, Butterflies and Cranberries

Earlier in the week I checked on the great blue heron nest.  The young are now flying so much better and for longer distances. Mama was feeding the young in the nest when we first got to the bog. So much racket from all of the young birds squawking to be fed.
 great blue heron 3 in tree feeding time.4. 8.6.2013 feeding time...see the bird on the right with it's beak open being fed by one of the parent birds
great blue heron 3 in tree.3. 8.6.2013
great blue heron 2 in tree.1. 8.6.2013young birds..flew to another tree in the distance

While we were at the bog I took a photo of the cranberries that are starting to ripen. Our cranberry harvest usually starts the end of September. Not that far away.
cranberries are ripening 8.8.2013

While looking at the hummingbirds in our back yard on the butterfly bush I noticed several yellow jackets near our old  camper. This is what I found. The start of a large paper nest with hundreds of yellow jackets flying in and out of the hole.
bees with paper nest on camper1 bees with paper nest on camper2 bees with paper nest on camper3 Yikes!!!
A few pictures of a pretty butterfly that landed on my butterfly bush in the back yard. I had to face the sun to get the photos and to make it even more difficult the butterfly kept opening and closing it's wings. The true color unfortunately doesn't show up, but it was beautiful.
butterfly bush pink w butterfly1. 8.10.13 butterfly bush pink w butterfly2. 8.10.13 butterfly bush pink w butterfly3. 8.10.13

Have a wonderful weekend.

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