Tuesday, August 13, 2013


sleeping swans by the roadside

Yesterday as I was driving home from my parents and I saw 5 swans sleeping with their heads tucked under a wing right near the edge of the road on a small strip of land next to a reservoir. There is a cranberry bog across the street. I couldn't believe how close to the road they were. Cars were whizzing by and the birds weren't bothered at all. I quickly turned my car around and got out to take a few photos. Of course, I had taken my camera out of the car to download photos I had taken the day before. I only had my cell phone with me.
When I first saw the birds they were all sleeping, but some lifted their heads as I walked closer to snap a few pictures. There were 2 adult birds and 3 younger birds, one still hadn't turned all white yet.

The first photo..one bird was alert and the other 4 birds were still sleeping as I walked closer to take a photo with my phone

                                            waking up

After taking my girlfriend home I stopped by the house to get my camera before heading off to Weight Watcher's. When I stopped to see if the swans were still by the road sleeping, they weren't. I found the swans were swimming quite some distance from the road swimming in the reservoir.

I am having to write on blogger instead of Live Writer this morning, because LW was having problems. 
I like LW so much better than writing my posts on blogger. 

Here is our Princess  relaxing on the cat tree. ( Princess is one of our rescued stray kitties). My camera was facing the light so the photo is dark. She looks comfortable, doesn't she.


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Joanne Huffman said...

It's so much fun to watch swan families grow up over the summer.