Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh no, I'm hooked on treadles

Yesterday was a rainy day so I met a friend and we went poking through antique shops, I wanted to find some  old sad irons. I did find some sad irons, but also found this. 

Growing up our neighbor had an old treadle Singer sewing machine that I always loved. Now, I find I want one for myself. I can just hear my husband groan and think where the heck are you going to put it. I really don't know where I would put the machine, but that doesn't stop me from wanting one. I wish we had a bigger house. 
 Tom reads my blog regularly and I think when he reads this his eyes will be rolling back in his head. He should know by now not having a place to put something has never stopped me in the past from bringing things home. 

In one of the shops we visited I found a vintage Princess (Davis) treadle sewing machine. The table needs TLC, but when I turned the wheel, the needle moved up and down. When I opened the drawer I found a box with bobbins and attachments. Unfortunately the manual was in tatters. There is a ruler decal on the top of the sewing table in front of the machine, and a slot to lock the machine cover down. 

 The price was marked $100, but they told me they would take $75. I would love to find a machine with the cabinet in really nice condition. I was told this machine came from a clean out of a house that was over 100 years old. I haven't had a chance to investigate anything about this machine ( how old it is and more about it). 
I also found a black metal box (Rotary that was filled with attachments, but don't know if they could be used with the Princess machine priced at $15, but they would most likely take less). I'm really thinking I need a treadle machine and the head on this one is beautiful.

 Princess treadle sewing machine. Would love to know more about it, one lady on the Facebook page Vintage Sewing Machines wrote that this machine was manufactured by Davis VS in 1905. I need to investigate on the

 front of machine with cover on

bobbin winder on the front, I think. Decals are lovely
attachments and bobbins for the Princess that were in the drawer.

Princess treadle sewing machine
one of 2 drawers, unfortunately the manual is in tatters.
machine cover when open tilts to the right
sewing plate, I think the number at the top of the plate is 382167 the photo was taken with my phone and the flash caused a reflection.
 open sewing table with cover lifted/tilted open to side
side of sewing machine wooden cover. I think I need to go back and give this machine another look
metal box of attachments

attachments in Rotary box. 

Oh by the way, here are the sad irons I brought home with me.

 more sad irons to add to my collection. This is what I was looking for when we started our adventure yesterday when I spotted the sewing machine. I will strip the small painted iron on the right.  The iron sizes are from left to right..8, 5, 3.

side view of a sad iron missing it's wooden handle

top view of the iron above.
I have one that my dad gave me years ago with it's wooden handle intact that had been his mother's, my grandmother's so that one is extra special to me. I love sad irons, but so glad I've never had to iron my clothes with one of them.


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Barbara said...

Hi Elaine...the old machine bug has really bitten, eh? Poor hubby, now there are a number of these in your life. I predict at least one of them will find a place in your home. Is it your goal to actually sew with one of them? Or just for display? Mine needs a belt and bobbin plate cover. I think I'll join the FB group you mentioned, thanks for that. Btw, the swan and kitty photos are great!