Thursday, August 15, 2013

Investigated the Treadle sewing machine cabinet more

 long bobbins

First off, I brought in the Princess treadle sewing machine from the back of my car this morning. As I was emptying the center drawer where I found the extra bobbins yesterday, I found a surprise...another long bobbin in another drawer that had no thread on it. So, I now have 8 long bobbins. If and when I get the machine ready to sew I will change out the thread.

In the other drawer that had the wooden sock darner there were 2 sets of floor protectors one set was heavy glass and the other wood. These protecters also raise up the machine so the treadle will move freely on a thick carpet.                  

                         and 2 sets of wooden wheel casters. One with a short and one with a long shank..I guess for the same raise the treadle higher off the floor.

After bringing in the machine I went to a sewing machine repair store in a nearby town (Ables in Raynham, MA on Rte. 44) and bought a new belt for my Princess. The lady working there was quite rude I thought, not helpful at all. Unfortunately the owner wasn't in, because he is very nice and very helpful.  I was asking questions if they carried certain products and she was quite snippy and asked me why I bought that old machine and not a new one.

I ran a few more errands and then this  afternoon I went back to get a better look at my grandmother's 2 old treadle machines. I moved the machines into an area with better lighting. Sad to say, the Singer was missing a face plate. I also couldn't see a bobbin in the machine. No attachments, bobbins, manual, paint mostly gone from the head. The wood veneer on the table top was severely buckled in so many places. On the up side..the iron legs are in great shape. So sad that it hadn't been covered and protected better.

The New Home on the other hand held a big surprise. When I removed the face plates I found it had a vibrating shuttle just like the Princess I bought yesterday. WOW! I noticed thread in the shuttle so there must be 1 long bobbin in the shuttle already.  In one of the drawers there were some attachments, but unfortunately no more bobbins or manual. The drop leaf on the side of the machine, the wood was lovely as was the iron bracket that folds away to hold it up. The irons are also in great shape. The wood needs lots of TLC don't know what kind of damage the bird droppings did to the wood. I'm hoping elbow grease and Old English or Howards wood products will do the trick. Will surely use gloves and a mask when cleaning her up.

Here are some more photos of the New Home treadle sewing machine that I took today.

front and back face plates off

so rusty

foot and face plate needs lots of TLC to remove rust

iron legs and treadle

the drop leaf wood looks almost new

look at the difference in the wood

lovely folding bracket that supports the drop leaf

My 89 year old aunt gave me a tin with spools of thread, old buttons and thimbles.

One thimble has no tip, the tiny one fits my baby finger. 
 front and back of an old cologne bottle with cork stopper filled with sewing needles, about 2.5 inches tall

                                                    assorted glass and metal buttons

cute metal button on end with rhinestones and a fan in the center




Barbara said...

A gold mine of nostalgia! That old New Home machine has possibilities, not sure about the Princess. I'd check eBay for the selling potential of some of the accessories you don't need. What fun!

Barbara said...

The strings of buttons remind me of whiling away our time when kids at my grandmother's house. With no electronics or even TV, we spent hours stringing buttons! So many of them were like these beauties! Very nostalgic to see them. :)

Joanne Huffman said...

Hope you get your vintage machines working; but, even if you don't, they look intriguing and full of history.