Monday, September 9, 2013

Plymouth, MA..Free Fun Friday August 30th.

Plimoth Plantation sign Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 boat
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 sign
I have been really busy and haven't had a chance to post this on my blog. The last Friday in August was Free Fun Friday again this year at Plimoth Plantation, the Mayflower ll and the grist mill in Plymouth, MA.
I went last year to the Plantation, and decided to go again this year. I picked up a friend and we went to the Plimoth Plantation first.
 The Mayflower is finally back moored in Plymouth Harbor after being gone all summer long. The boat was in Fairhaven, MA having work done to beneath the water line of the boat. We didn't get to the grist mill.  We wanted to get to the Plantation early before it got hot and humid and too crowded like it was last year.
I posted a lot of photos last year so I didn't take as many pictures this year at the Plantation.
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 making breadbaking bread
 Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 baking oven oven ( I can't imagine baking in that, can you?
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 pilgrim ladies eatingpilgrim women taking a break for a meal
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 Pilgrim lady resting

Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 building a housebuilding a wall around the settlement
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 cut logs hand sawn
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 thatched roof cl upclose up of a thatched roof
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 houses  Pilgrim home with thatched roof
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 man w hat   Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 pilgrom man w gun
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 indian burning out a log2 Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 indian burning out a log3 Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 indian burning out a log7hollowing out a large tree using a fire to make a canoe

Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 Eel RiverEel river near the Indian encampment.
  Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 indian woman2  Indian woman playing a game with pieces of rawhide and deer bones.
Plimoth Plantation 8.30.2-13 thistle cl up a pretty but prickly thistle plant in bloom

We had gorgeous weather that Friday. It wasn't too hot or humid to walk up and down the winding, dusty dirt paths thru the Pilgrim and Indian settlements.
You can see more photos that I posted last year here Plimoth Plantation August 2012

After we left the Plantation I drove to the waterfront. I didn't think I would find a parking space close to the Mayflower ll, but was shocked when I found an open parking space just a short walk to the boat.
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Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 crows nest2 Plymouth Mayflower 8 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 boat2Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 crows nest
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 largest crows nestone of the crows nests
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 wooden hanging compasscompass on the Mayflower
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2nd port hole in bow of boatlooking out of the port holesPlymouth Mayflower 8.13 porthole in bow of boat
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 open slated area on boat
 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 fishing baskets and netbaskets to hold fish and net
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 basket storage wicker basket
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 eel fish basket traptrap for catching fish
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 deck hand on boat
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 pilgrim on deck 
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 bed desk in boat   Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 coils of rope heavy rope for the anchor
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 huge wooden piece that brings the rope to the anchor in in the bow of the boat the rope was tied to this huge piece of wood and with cranking the rope would lower and raise the anchor.
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 kitchen area 1 kitchen areaPlymouth Mayflower 8.13 kitchen area 2 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 kitchen area 3
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 kitchen area cook area and wateroven and water barrel in back of cook area in front of the boat
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 small chest small carved box
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 storage chests and chair storage chest
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 small bedbed
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 narrow bed very narrow bed
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 double bed on boatonly double bed on board the ship
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 small cannon small cannon Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 small cannon 2
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 windows stern of boatwindow in stern of the ship
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 wooden caskbarrels that were used to store provisions and water
 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 map of NE
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 crossing sign
 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 chief officers log
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 Compact The Mayflower CompactPlymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 men w drink sign Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 Smiths map plague diseasesign  Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 agent and merchant sign
 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 apothecary photoPlymouth Mayflower 8.13 Provisions sign
 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 costly goods sign
     Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 painting of the Mayflower crossing Painting of the Mayflower crossing the Atlantic   Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 supplies from England sign  
I hadn't been on board the Mayflower since my youngest son was in grammar school, so it was nice to visit again. I love Plymouth, and go at least once a week. So much to see and do and it is only 15 minutes away.
After my friend and I got off of the boat we took a walk along the water front, and harbor area.  Right in this area you can take a harbor cruise or go whale watching on one of the Capt. John boats. We stopped and had lunch at Wood's Fish Market.
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 harbor Woods Fish Market
Shirley had fish n chips and I had a lobster roll. The food at Wood's is always delicious.
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 lobster roll at woods
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 harbor 2 commorants on boat 2 cormorants resting on a dingy.
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 harbor boats1
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 harbor boats2 looking out in the harbor
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 harbor boats3

We enjoyed our day in historic Plymouth.
Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 harbor snowy egret1 Plymouth Mayflower 8.13 2 harbor snowy egret2  wading in the shallow water near shore

Walk to end Alzheimer's
On September 21st, I will be in Plymouth to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer's fundraiser. 
My cousin, Cheryl, my sister in law, Terry, and a friend of my cousins and I make up our team..(Love of Family and Friends)
I hope in the near future a cure is found for this devastating and tragic disease. I can't imagine how many of the aging baby boomers generation will suffer from this disease. My mother suffers from Alzheimer's, as did her mother, my grandmother. I am terrified at the thought that I may also get Alzheimer's. 
I look back at pictures from just 1- 2 years ago, and my mother has changed so much. Most days now Mom just sits and stares, when she walks she shuffles and has to depend on home health care workers to do everything for her. Somedays Mom knows my brother's names and other days not. With each passing day I am losing my mother a little more as her Alzheimer's progresses. It is  very sad and heartbreaking to watch. 
If anyone would like to sponsor me (Elaine Akers) when I participate in the walk later this month I can't thank you enough. Here is my page to make a donation. Walk to End Alzheimer's .


Elaine Akers said...

My father-in-law had Alzheimer's and it was devastating to the whole family. Good luck on your walk. Joanne

Elaine Akers said...

I want to thank Rebecca and Joanne for their donations to the Alzheimer's Association supporting me as I walk in the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer's in Plymouth. Thanks again!!!

Barbara said...

Elaine, your photos are so wonderful, educational and artistic. I especially like the ship portholes and window shots. Beautiful!