Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday and Saturday shopping days

I had no time for creating art the past two days. I was in hit the stores early mode. Got up early in the morning looking for wonderful deals for those on my Christmas list at the doorbuster sales. I did really well crossing names off my list as I found the items I was looking for.

I must admit, I did a little shopping for me too. I bought a few things that I found on sale. I just couldn't resist the $1 bins at A C Moore craft store. Lots of beautiful beads that had once sold for much more, rubber stamps, scrapbooking items and  crafting supplies. I also bought a Cricut cartridge for making holiday cards on sale for $19.99.
I looked at the Big Kick by Sizzex as I had a 1/2 price coupon that would have brought the machine down to $50. I figured I could get it after Christmas with another coupon. I am still on the fence whether I really need one of the embossing machines or not. Other than embossing what does this machine do that my Cricut doesn't?  Anyway, I just needed to concentrate on getting my Christmas shopping done.

Here is a roll of ribbon that I picked up at Target for $3 for a 12 foot roll.  I found the roll amongest the holiday ribbons. I thought the snowflakes when put thru the small sticker maker Xyron machine would be great for adding to winter themed cards or scrapbook pages. The snowflakes are attached and feel like they are flocked. Maybe I should get another roll while it is still available, because if I bought a piece of the ribbon in a stamp/scrapbook store I would pay a lot more for that amount of ribbon. Just wanted to share with all of you one of my finds that maybe you could use in your cards or projects. Hopefully, if you liked this you may still be able to find some in a Target store near you.

One corner of my living room has stacks of filled shopping bags. I have to go thru everything and put things together for the different ones on my list. Can't do any wrapping yet as Mr. Fluffpuff, our kitty would have a blast undoing all the wrapping paper, tissue and ribbons. Not to mention how much he just loves jumping into bags.

Yesterday, before even leaving the house...I misplaced the second set of keys with clicker to my new vehicle. My husband, Tom and I looked thru both the new and old cars. In the kitchen, under the vehicles. No keys. Resumed my search again this morning...still NO LUCK!!! How frustrating! I can only imagine how expensive they will be to replace. The key is the strangest looking key I have ever seen. It only has channels down both sides and not to mention the clicker.

Oh, and yesterday when I got home in the late afternoon, I found 2 swap boxes in my mailbox. Always love to recieve fun mail. They were packages from Jean and Barbara from the An Affair with Art Yahoo group that I belong to.
When I receive the last fairy slipper in the mail, I will post a photo of all three that I received in this fun swap. Each slipper is different, but oh so pretty.
Jean also gifted me with a bottle of Duke's mayonaise. We don't have Duke's mayo here in the Northeast. It is a mayonaise that is very popular in the south and southwest, I believe. The gals on the group are always raving about fresh tomato sandwiches with Duke's mayonaise and how there is nothing like it. I have one tomato left from our garden, and so this afternoon...I am going to do a taste testing. :-) Thanks again, Jean.

Also wanted to share with all of you some pictures that I snapped before 8 a.m. yesterday. I happened to look out the kitchen door and spotted movement on the big cherry tree that is near our property line in the side yard. Should have guessed..our Mr. Fluffpuff Kitty was chasing a squirrel. By the time I ran and got my camera crazy kitty was sitting on the roof of the neighbors garden shed and next thing I knew...I saw the foolish kitty leaping into a 25 foot pine tree in the neighbors yard after the squirrel. Here are a few photos of him sitting on the roof of the garden shed. The fence in front is 6 feet tall. I didn't get a picture of him leaping from the roof to the tree.


Well, if you were one of the  brave ones and hit the stores looking for wonderful bargains...I hope you found them. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


Kerry said...

Elaine, still have my fingers crossed those keys will turn up! Mr. Fluffpuff is adorable. Good thing that while Meggie and Buddy chase the hundreds of squirrels we have, they can't climb trees!

Your shopping trip(s) sound terrific, good bargains and I do like that ribbon also. But not enough to go to the mall and fight the crowds! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh your fluffy is so cute!!! LOL Maybe Angie's mom hid your keys!!!! LOL Love that ribbon too!!!!