Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spin for the Day..

Ever have a day that you just don't know what you plan to do? Well, I created a spinner to decide for me. While downstairs doing laundry this morning, I decided to poke around in boxes of stuff that I have picked up really cheap over the years. Yes, I admit it...I love bargains. If it's cheap, and I think that I could possibly use an item in the future...it goes home with me. Unfortunately, I have lots of moments with breaks in my sanity, because I have way too many boxes of these bargains.
Anyway, I found this old plastic lottery number spinner that you spin, and it would pick numbers for you to play in one of my boxes of junk...oops, did I write junk? I meant really cool stuff just waiting to be repurposed.  My spinner cost me 19 cents. Last of the big spenders here. :-)
With the spinner in hand, a light bulb goes off in my head...don't you have a stamp that the image maybe would fit inside of the spinner circle. well, sure enough, in one of my iris cart drawers I found a Stamper's Anonymous image that had never been inked up...shame on me!!!!  The stamp image was indeed round, and has divided sections with the words...Paint, Create, Write, Dance, Sing, Play, Stamp.
I stamped the image onto a confetti cardstock, cut it out, plucked the spinner from the lottery spinner and glued down the stamped image. Here is my new day planner. Well, not really. I was only kidding when I mentioned this spinner would decide what to do with my day, but I thought it was a cute idea. And, I must admit, I do like lots of the options on the spinner. :-)
This is how the cheap, plastic spinner looked before I removed it from it's packaging.
lottery spinner 
How the spinner looks now:
art spinner 
p.s..did I just buy one of the lottery spinners? Of course not. I bought about 4 of them. Now, what to do with the others? I am sure I will think of something....eventually.
Do you buy things that you have no idea what you will ever do with them, just because they are really cheap?
Please tell me I am not alone with this bad habit. :-)
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Anonymous said...

no Elaine...you are not the only one....I have a few boxes of JUNK / cool stuff myself sitting around in the Garage lol lol lol

Liane :-)

Tammy D said...

Love it Elaine!

ShellyRaeWood said...

Oh ELaine.....did I Mention we FILLED an entire moving semi when we relocated to FL? LOL You are NOT alone my friend......I live in that world too!! :) LOVE the spinner redo, btw!

Barbara Hagerty said...

You're not alone, Elaiane! If I see something I truly love, I'll buy it if I can afford it.
Having a specific use in mind doesn't really matter to me, but having a place to store it, does (LOL!) I've found over the years that all the things I truly love seem to relate to each other in some special way, and eventually I learn the reasons and the connections.
Maybe that was the way with the spinners and your SA stamp. You loved the SA stamp so you bought it and stored it, and even though you may not have thought about it consciously at the time, you liked the spinners, they were inexpensive, and turned out to be a perfect fit with the stamp. True serendipity! Whatever it was, I do love how the spinner turned out!