Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fabric Postcards for the Mail Art Envelope Swap

I wanted to make some fabric post cards to tuck inside my Mail Art Envelopes that I stamped for Lenna's swap the other day. In a previous blog note I posted the envelopes. I dug thru my containers of fabric to  find fabric in my stash that would co ordinate with each of my rubber stamped mail art envelopes.
I appliqued fabric to the front fabric,  rubber stamped and heat set POST CARD on the back sides. Then I either rubber stamped or appliqued  a matching piece on the backs. The colors are a little off, as it is a dark, rainy, day, and I had a tough time taking photo's of the post cards without getting shadows. The recipients can use a sharpie pen to add a message and address when they mail them out.                                             Well, now to get my swap out in the mail.
Below are the fabric post cards that I stitched up this morning.
front of Mermaid post cardmermaid fabric pc front
Mermaid fabric pc back back of my post card
Alice in Wonderland fabric pc front front of Alice postcard with appliqued Alice.
Alice in Wonderland fabric pc back back of fabric post card with applique White Rabbit.
Coffee fabric pc front front of fabric coffee post card
Coffee fabric pc back back of coffee post card with applique
 Mail art fabric pc front
front of fabric mail art post card. I had a hard time finding fabric that would go with my mail art theme, and so I went with artist tools and a ribbon with the word friends on it.
Mail art fabric pc back
back of mail art fabric post card
elaine signature3
P.S...My mail art envelopes with the fabric postcards tucked inside the envelope were mailed out Friday, November 12th. I took my 4 swap envelopes to the post office to make sure they had the correct postage and if they okay. The postal worker at the window took my envelopes, weighted them, checked for thickness, and took them as they were okay to go.


Anonymous said...

Elaine these look GREAT ma'am!!!!! Great job!!!!!

Kerry said...

Elaine - wow, every thing looks terrific! I love them all! Thanks for sharing.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS Post Cards, Elaine!! They are all GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post cards! I like that old-fashioned "post card" stamp!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Wonderful fabric postcards, elaine! Whoever gets your envelopes in the swap will be getting a lovely extra bonus!
thanks again : ) lenna

playmobil airport said...

Nice collection of post cards! I've never seen those kinds now a days. You're so lucky to have them.