Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mail Art Envelope Swap

Mermaid mail art envy front front
Mermaid mail art envy back back

I joined a mail art decorated, closed envelope swap on  Lenna's Creative Swaps blog. We had to decorate 3-4 envelopes, and I chose to use light background inks and rubber stamps to decorate mine. I always use to decorate any envelopes that I mailed out, but then got out of the habit. Sometimes it took me longer to decorate the envelope than to create the card that was tucked inside.

Coffee mail art envy front front
Coffee mail art envy back back

For this swap, I found some 5 x 7  1/2 inch, manila envelopes with clasp closures in one of my  junk drawers. I had four, and so I am sending 4, that way Lenna gets to keep one of the envelopes. I will get 4 back.
I must admit, after I smushed ink over the envelopes it made it really hard to stamp on these envelopes. The ink on the rubber stamps didn't want to transfer well. I've never had that happen before, and I don't really know why it happened.
I chose coffee, mail art, Alice in Wonderland, and of course mermaids  for my envelope themes. I did dig out a lot of my Elvis stamps, so I may do one envelope with that theme.                         
I'm not completely done, because I would like to find some themed postage stamps to go on my stamped envelopes to mail them out.

Alice in Wonderland mail art envy frontAlice in Wonderland mail art envy back back

I am so disorganized lately and I have no clue were I stashed my older postage stamps that I could use. I would also like to  make some fabric postcards to tuck inside the envelopes before I seal them shut. We shall see how that goes.
Mail art envy front front
Mail art envy back back
This was a  fun project to do on a cold afternoon. Do you decorate the envelopes that you mail out?
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Angie Hall Haviland said...

These are all WONDERFUL, Elaine!! I love to decorate envelopes...and really need to do it more often :)

Kerry said...

Elaine - I love decorated envelopes. I have tried to make envelopes out of contrasting paper but if a plain envelope is it, then I have lots of stamps I use to make it fun!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Elaine, these are awesome! i can't wait to see them and add them to our swap. thanks so much!