Saturday, November 6, 2010

Seashell ornament

How I wish I was in Florida beachcombing for shells, but I have big boxes of the treasures of the sea that I collected over the years. After making fairy slippers yesterday I was in the holiday creating mood.
I was downstairs doing laundry, and I started to poke thru some of my boxes, and spied boxes of  the  smaller shells that I collected from all over Florida. I decided to make a seashell wreath ornament or wall hanging.  Several years back I made some while I was on vacationing in Florida to give as gifts. I can't be out in the mid day sun, because I sunburn too easily and making the wreaths gave me something to do while Tom was out fishing.
Here is my seashell project  that I made yesterday. The wreath is about 3 x 3.
Seashell wreath ornament
Don't forget... the clocks get turned back during the night, well actually very early Sunday morning at 2 A.M EST.elaine signature3


Alicia said...

Elaine What a beautiful ornament! This reminds me of years spent collecting shells in Bermuda and Puerto Rico as a child. Mom took the shells and put them around a framed oval mirror- talk about gorgeous!!! She made both grandmother's one and has the shells to make hers as well (so it ends up with one per child in the end). Thanks for bringing back the memory! *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

This is charming, Elaine, and actually a bit nostalgic for me. One of the cute little things one of our boys (now in their 30s and 40s) made in grade school was something like your seashell wreath, but it was built around a mirror 3" x 4" . There's another idea for you.