Monday, December 20, 2010

AAWA 12 days swap...Day 9

This morning we woke up see the ground covered in white. It was still snowing, and it looked like white out conditions as the wind was whipping the falling snow. Our SUV was encased in a sheet of ice.

I was going to upload the photos this morning of Nancy's beautiful gifts, but I forgot I had to baby sit Bella this morning.

Here is the pretty gift bag, ribbon and tag the gift was wrapped in.

AAWA 12 day swap 9 gift bag

AAWA 12 day swap 9 card Christmas card

AAWA 12 day swap 9 star quilled ornament beautiful, sparkly paper quilled snowflake ornament. Just lovely!!

Below: a Holiday paper banner..Noel with Santa and Reindeer. Sorry that the picture is so dark.

AAWA 12 day swap 9 banner

elaine signature3

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