Thursday, December 16, 2010

Easy Victorian girl snowflake ornaments

Last evening I was reading some blogs, and on Robin's blog, I saw some beautiful victorian snowflake ornaments. There was a link to the blog, joli-paquet where Robin found the ornaments that she made. On the blog there was a wonderful tutorial, and free images of two little girls to use on the ornaments. Lovely!

snowflake ornament plain
I knew I had a box full of the plastic snowflake ornaments in the basement. So, downstairs I went, and brought up a few of the snowflakes. I didn't feel like digging for the box of lace, and other embellishments, so I used what was close at hand to make my ornaments. I also don't have glimmer mist or platinum stickles. With a sponge brush, I lightly applied a coat of Delta Ceramacoat Gleams Metallic File Gold, acrylic paint, which is very sheer when applied on paper. For the back, I punched out a circle of scrapbook paper of sheet music design. I added small flowers, and ribbons that I had on hand.
So, this is my version of the Victorian girl snowflakes.snowflake ornament girl w roses2 snowflake ornament long hair2 snowflake ornament 2girls
I was happy with my first attempt at creating the ornaments. I want to make more of these to tuck onto Christmas gifts. They were very easy to make and didn't take any time at all.  You should give these a try for a fast and easy ornament or gift tag.
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Anonymous said...

beautiful Elaine !!!!!!!!

Liane :-)

Tammy D said...

Gorgeous! What a wonderful idea!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what pretty ornaments, elaine!!

Robin said...

Yours turned out beautifully Elaine! Love that you used what you had and didn't have to buy anything....that's always a great thing!!

Barbara Hagerty said...

These are beautiful, Elaine! Thank you for including the link to the tutorial. I've bookmarked it and hope to find time to make some of these!

Gaby Bee said...

These ornaments look gorgeous!
Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
Gaby xo

Diann said...

Your snowflake ornaments are just lovely, Elaine! I want to give these a try myself so appreciate the link - hope mine turn out half as lovely as yours! Merry Christmas! Diann

Anonymous said...

Oh Elaine...those snowflakes...are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Little Pink Studio said...

I'm so gland you had a chance to make the ornaments from my tutorial!
They turned out lovely, and even better that you were able to use what you had on hand!
Merry Christmas!