Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy 92nd birthday Dad

Today is my wonderful father's 92nd birthday. I feel so blessed to still have both of my parents at my age.  Dad is wise, honest, and hard working and very proud of his Finnish heritage. Just the very best dad!
 In May 2011, my parents will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.
When my dad was 89, he wrote a book. History of the Finnish Settlers of Carver, Massachusetts, written by Wilho E. Harju, and published by Cranberry Press.

I wanted to post one of my favorite pictures of my dad at age 80 riding a bicycle at the cranberry bog, but I couldn't put my hands on the photo this morning.
Love you bunches, Dad!!! Happy Birthday.elaine signature3


Anonymous said...

Oh Elaine, I know how you feel with counting your blessings. My Dad just turned 93, and Mom is 91. They celebrated their 75th anniversary in Sept. They have numerous health issues, but insist on living in their own home together. They are an incredible example for all of us.

Patti G. said...

Elaine, he sounds like a wonderful man, just as your Mom sounds special too! Awwwwwwwww, and they will have a BIG Anniversary coming, be sure and celebrate with bells on!
I am so glad you are happy and able to enjoy another Holiday Seasone with them.......fantastic!!!!!!!!

Diann said...

What a blessing your parents are! How fun that you could celebrate your daddy's birthday with both of them. Diann