Monday, December 13, 2010

AAWA Yahoo group-12 days of Christmas swap

I should have posted this yesterday, but I didn't get a chance, because I got home late and I was tired from hosting my dad's 92nd birthday party.
Anyway, this year on the A Affair with Art, yahoo group that I belong to, instead of having a 25 days of Christmas swap like last year, Yooper hosted a 12 days of Christmas swap. The start date was yesterday, December 12th. 12 participants in each group, and we had 3 groups. I was in group 2. Everyday we will get to open a small gift from one of the members in our group. How fun!
So, last night I opened my first gift that Candy created. Below is the wrapped gift before I opened the package, and the beautiful embossed rubber stamped tag with silk flower that I found inside. The lovely tag was tucked inside the fun tag holder. Thank you, Candy.
AAWA 12 days swap packaging 1 AAWA 12 days swap 1
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