Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glass box with Christmas lights and another easy card

While I was in Michael's today, I found  heavy, square, glass boxes with an opening on one side. You can insert whatever you want to put inside the glass box. The boxes came in 2 sizes, but I could only find the smaller size. The opening on the smaller glass box is a round hole with a plastic plug. The larger glass box has a rectangular shaped hole on the side. I bought a few of the glass boxes to make into Christmas gifts.
Christmas gift glass box Christmas glass box 2 Christmas 20light string
I removed the round plastic plug and inserted a strand of 20 clear mini Christmas lights into the glass box. I  then tied a sheer blue/silver bow to wrap the glass box to make it look like a gift. I used a whole roll of ribbon that was 9 feet in length. In the photos because it was already dark, the ribbon looks purplish, but it is a pretty royal blue. I can see that I need to straighten the ribbon a bit, as it is twisted on the bottom in one of the photos. I bought rolls of different colored sheer ribbon to use on my other boxes.
The lighted box was hard to get a good photo.
Below are photo's taken from the  top of my wrapped glass gift box, front and side pictures. I think this will look really pretty sitting on a table all lit up.
Christmas gift box 6
christmas light box with bow1
Christmas gift box3
Christmas gift box 5
Christmas gift box 2 Christmas gift box red1
I love how these came out, and it took all of 5 minutes to put together.  I think it is really pretty all lit up. What do you think?

Also, this morning before I left to go shopping and go to the post office to mail out a few packages, I started a Christmas card. I used a piece of navy blue cardstock, a Dreamweaver snowflake stencil, Dreamweaver Embossing paste and glitter. I have glitter everywhere. Oooh, what a mess. When I got back home this afternoon, I put my card together as the paste had dried.
Christmas card blue with snowflake
Well, that's my projects for today. I still have to finish working on the rest of my Tim tags.
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Tammy D said...

Very Cute!

Alicia said...

Elaine these are beautiful! I made them last year with photos or vinyl art and they are just as beautiful today! I also have one as a "present" and it sits under my Christmas Tree, LOL *Hugs*

Vic said...


Anonymous said...

I saw these in the store and wondered what I would do with them. Wonderful and beautiful idea you had!

Kerry said...

Wonderful! Lovely idea and they are so pretty.