Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unexpected Visitor

Geesh, I just had a scare. (LOL)

I have been feeding a stray kitty since spring. It was born wild, and we can't get close enough to catch it, or I would give it a  home.  The kitty gets along with my kitty. I think the stray kitty is living in the woods next to our side yard, but I have no idea where.

This fall, I put a tarp over the round picnic table on my back deck to protect the food that I put out for this kitty from rain and snow. Just a little bit ago I opened the back door to put out some food and replace the frozen water and got a heck of a surprise. I saw this big rat like tail poking out from under the tarp.  Yuck!  I had a big fat opossum under the tarp/table eating the kitty food!!! Opossums  are the ugliest of creatures.

I slammed the door and called for Tom, but by the time he put shoes on and grabbed a broom, and opened the sliding door, the ugly thing was gone. I had been wondering how one small kitty could eat so much food. Now I know he's had a lot of help, because last week I saw another stray kitty eating from the dish that looks almost like the little one I've been feeding, and tonight the opossum.

I think I have a animal soup kitchen going on under the table on my back deck.  Now, how do I keep this opossum from coming back and eating all of the kitty food?

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Anonymous said...

Ooof! I would have been startled too! Have to tell you about the kitty my friend has, you would get a kick out of seeing "Ed". He looks like a kitty from nose to hind end, but then he has a tail without a hair on it, looks just like a rat-tail!