Thursday, September 29, 2011

As the Crow Flies

As the Crow flies card
Do you like crows? I happen to like these noisy, large black birds, but whenever I ask that question I find the answer is either they are liked or disliked. Where I live I have lots of woods and we only seem to see crows in the fall. I usually hear them in the pine trees before I see them. When I am on Cape Cod crows are everywhere and always very vocal.
Last Friday at the scrapbook store that is closing I filled bags of supplies for $10.00.   I found several Dreamweaver stencils, and the crow stencil was one that I put in my bag.
This afternoon, I used my new stencils and did several card fronts. I still need to add color to the others that I did now that the stencil paste is dry, but I wanted to finish the crow and make a card.
I used black stencil paste for the crow, and white stencil paste for the weather vane. Once the paste was dry I added a verdigris green metallic dust. I layered the white stenciled crow  to black card stock. Then I layered the black card stock onto Kraft paper card stock that has crow images all over it. My final layer to finish my card was a burnt orange card stock. The card is approximately 5 x 7.
As the Crow flies card.envelope1 card and decorated envelope.
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Joanne Huffman said...

I like images of crows more than actual crows. This is a very nice card; I think the texture and simple imagery work perfectly together.