Monday, September 19, 2011

Sewing themed Never Ending Journal

book sewing themed cover finished I finished up this journal this morning, well that is everything but decorating the cover. I haven't decided what I want to add to the cover for embellishments. I am thinking I don't want to use anything to bulky.

book sewing themed binding closeup charms

close up of the charms..thimble, sewing machine with a spool of thread hanging from the bottom, scissors.

book sewing themed binding closeup charms2 book sewing themed clear button bag insert signature with a clear baggie folded. Buttons can be stored in the zipped pocket. A small card is in the pocket flap

book sewing themed inside back cover pocket w atc inside front cover pocket with a polished stone atc tucked inside

book sewing themed paper bag insert w tags signature with a small paper bag folded and stapled with 2 tags

I think this little journal will be great for sketching ideas, attaching fabric scraps, buttons for projects that are in the works.

I enjoy making these never ending journals. Hope you like my journal too.

I have been working on several little Halloween projects and I will share those when I finish them. 

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Barbara said...

I love the idea of your journals, never-ending especially. This one is too cute and indeed perfect for all the things you mentioned. I don't see myself making something like this, but I appreciate yours a lot!