Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wonderful Surprise in the mail

The mail just came, and there were 2 boxes for me from my cousin, Allen who lives in Florida. Seems like lately the only time I see Allen is at family members funerals. :-(
I received an email from Allen last week to let me know he had mailed me 2 boxes. Allen didn't tell me what he mailed out, as it was to be a surprise. I have been very curious wondering what I would be receiving.
Well, I was more than surprised when I opened the boxes. What did I find inside...4 sets of old fashioned Christmas Bubble lights? I love bubble lights, as they bring back wonderful childhood memories of Christmas Day at my Grandfather's house . I never knew my father's mother, as she died a few months before I was born. My grandfather lived a few miles from our house, and I would visit often. My grandfather passed away in January of my senior year of high school, at the age of 85.

Anyway, getting back to the bubble lights. There was always a beautifully decorated tree  in my grandfather's parlor. The tree was  strung with bubble lights, glass ornaments, and even some ornaments that my grandfather made. 
As kids my brothers, cousins and I would sit around the decorated tree watching the colored liquid in the clear tubes of the bubble lights bubble away as the liquid heated in the tubes, as we anxiously waited for the time when we could open gifts. 
Family members would all come for dinner, then after the dishes were done, there would be the  opening of gifts. After the gifts were opened we would all bundle up and go  to Edaville (Carver, MA).   Once there we would stroll thru Santa Village, look at the thousands of strung Christmas lights, meander thru the museums, and gift shops. Since Carver was a small town we always ran into people we knew. Then came the train ride. We would make a mad dash for the caboose, as we thought that was the best car to ride in. The train ride was/is approximately a 5 mile ride. The tracks went thru the woods and around the cranberry bogs. You could see and hear the train pass from my grandfather's house. There were little houses at different areas around the tracks that had Christmas scenes...a childhood wonderland.
bubble Christmas lights from Allen box 2 Bubble Christmas lights from Allen1
After the train ride it was always nice to get back to my grandfather's house where it was warm, and we knew there would be birthday cake, as Christmas Day was also my grandfather's birthday. We always celebrated my cousin, Andy's birthday ( Allen's brother) at the same time, as his birthday was on the 22nd. Sadly both Andy and my grandfather have passed away, but thankfully memories never die.

So getting back to my mail, there were 2 layers of lights in each box. I haven't put up a big, real tree in several years, but this year I will definitely put up a real tree so I can use my bubble lights. I can't tell you how many memories flooded back when I opened those boxes. Allen sure knew how to make my day. i haven't heard yet where Allen found these, but I can't thank him enough.  I wish Allen still lived on Cape Cod. Love you, cuz!!
Do you have something special from your childhood that brings so many memories flooding back?


Joanne Huffman said...

What a thoughtful gift to bring back such lovely memories.

Barbara said...

There are so many things I remember with nostalgic feelings, and how fun it would be to hold and touch them again. Bubble lights were in my childhood as well!