Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decorative Witch Hat

Witches felt black hat decoration.
I love Halloween, and today I had some time and wanted to start making some tags and cards. My first project for the morning was to try making a witch's hat. Bad witch or Good witch...Good witch, of course.

I took out some stiffened felt to make my decorative witch's hat. I made a cone shape and used tacky glue to hold the felt together. I needed to use clothespins and sewing pins to hold the seam together. It took a long time for the tacky glue to hold.
 Then, I used a large soup bowl and traced around the rim onto cardstock. I then cut out my circle for the brim. I used this for my brim pattern. I placed the pattern on another piece of black stiffened felt that I bought for 99 cents a sheet at Michael's.  When my circle was cut out, I cut an X shape in the center of the circle, and then put the brim onto the hat, and glued down the flaps from the X inside the cone.
When everything was dry; I cut out a thin strip of green and orange felt and glued the felt to the base of the brim. I then cut sheer black and orange ribbons to attach to the top of the hat and added a round Happy Halloween decoration to the front. My witch hat is approximately 6 inches tall. I am not sure if this will be the final look as I may change things up a bit.
 What do you think of my witches hat?
In the morning I will share with you my Halloween pop up card and decorated envelope.
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Barbara said...

I've dubbed Marlene of All About Creating blog the Halloween Queen, but you are her right hand gal. Love these creative Halloween crafts! The had is perfect, very witchy!