Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lemon Bird Nests

lemon sponge birds nests closeup cake1
Yesterday in the grocery store, I saw in the bakery at Shaw's, lemon filled sponge bird nests. I loved these fancy little cakes when I was a kid. On a whim, I bought a package of 4.  I got to thinking that I could make these easy enough, but don't know what the sticky, clear stuff on the sides of the cake holding the coconut on is.
I searched on the internet for a recipe for individual sponge cakes filled with lemon filling or lemon curd.  Have any of you made these bird nest sponge cakes? To make the cakes at home you could buy the little  shortcake sponge cakes they sell in the grocery stores, fill with lemon, and pipe a topping around the filling. Or make your own sponge cakes by baking in the shortcake pan from Wilton.
lemon sponge birds nests closeup cake2
I've had no luck with my search. I wonder if it is a heavier simple syrup that the sponge cakes are rolled in and then dipped in coconut.
lemon sponge birds nests cake3 lemon birds nest sponge cake. Served up on my vintage snowflake pattern Corelle dish. I bought the snowflake Corelle dishes in 1968.
I'd love to hear from you if you know what is used. Thanks!

Back in December of last year ( 12/24/2011), I posted photo's and the recipes for chocolate and lemon roll cakes on my blog. The roll cakes are favorites with our family. A couple of days ago, my oldest son called and wanted to know how to make the chocolate rolls. After I explained how to make them, he called me back a couple of hours later and told me he made a chocolate roll and it came out really good. I hope he saved me a piece of the chocolate roll so I can taste it. :-)
Both of my sons love to cook and our very good cooks. Our oldest son does catering and pig roasts as a side business.
The weather is hot, cloudy and so very humid here. It rained earlier and more rain is expected later today.
I hate to bake in the summer as the house gets so hot, but I got up early this morning and made chocolate chip cookies. I also made a bowl of cole slaw to take to a cook out. Hopefully the rain that is predicted will hold off until after the fireworks tonight.
If you are traveling be safe. Have a Happy 4th of July.  Happy Birthday America!!!


Joanne Huffman said...

I had the same plates - bought at the same time; but they are long ago gone (broken).

Kathy said...

That looks so yummy, Elaine..I wish I could help you with the recipe...My Mom had a set of those exact same dishes...