Friday, July 6, 2012

Special Treat for my Dad

little neck clams shucking knife and shells2 

Larry, who is a good friend of my son, Steven has a shellfish permit to dig for clams and quahogs in Duxbury.                         Every time Steven and Robin have a cookout, Larry and his wife, Jen bring a big container of little necks. On the fourth of July, Larry and Steven shucked small littleneck hard shell clams to make clams casino. Everyone loves this special treat.                Larry gave me a bag to bring home to make clams casino for my Dad.

I had a hard time opening the small clams, and so I put the clams in the freezer for about 40 minutes, and then I had no problem opening the clams with my shellfish shucking knife.

Below is how Larry and Stevens make Clams casino.

Shuck the small little neck clams and loosen the meat from the shell. Discard 1/2 of the shell. On a cookie sheet place, arrange clams in 1 layer,  put a piece of bacon on top of each clam, and sprinkle generously with parmesan cheese. You can either bake the clams in a 500 degree oven until the bacon is nice and crisp, or broil on low until the bacon is crisp.

little neck clams casino4

Above..pan of clams casino before Dad ate them all.

little neck clams Dad eating clams casino3 

My Dad enjoyed the treat I brought over to him a little while ago and so did my mother's care giver.



Alicia said...

Awww How sweet of you! He looks like he is truly enjoying his special meal! *Hugs* and thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Makes me hungry for some clams right now!

Joanne Huffman said...