Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rebuilding more cranberry bog

I have shared photos before on my blog of rebuilding a cranberry bog, but today I am sharing a few more photos taken the other day of more of the process of rebuilding.

The bog has already been stripped of the old vines, leveled off, and new sand leveled onto the bog sections. The photos below are of  the new irrigation pipes that were buried and tested to see if all were working before the bog is planted with new varieties of cranberry vines. The newer varieties of vines will be planted once the irrigation system for the bog is in place.

rebuilding cranberry bog putting in main sprinkler line Plympton 7.1.12 rebuilding cranberry bog putting in main sprinkler line Plympton3. 7.1.12 rebuilding cranberry bog putting in main sprinkler line Plympton

blog post on rebuilding a cranberry bog from last June                     if you haven't read my old post before there are photos of the vines being planted.

While driving my dad around the bog I stopped to take a few photos of section of bog with experimental varieties of cranberries. These berries are early berries. Just like in other fruits, cranberries have early and late  varieties.

cranberries experimental Plymouth DiP 7.2.12 cranberries experimental Plymouth DiP2. 7.2.12

Cranberries are not grown under water. The irrigation systems is used for cold frost nights and dry weather. The bogs are flooded for the cranberry harvest if the grower is wet harvesting. In the winter the bogs are flooded during extreme cold weather for short periods of time, and then the water is dropped so the vines can get oxygen. Also for ice sanding as the bog needs new layers of sand about every 5 years so the roots stay covered.

milk weed closeup Plympton close up- milkweed flower

milk weed Plympton milkweed, butterflies love these flowers.

This morning I spent over an hour at the registry waiting to renew my driver's license. I guess it could have been worse, but at least there was air conditioning. It is another hot and humid day.

I also want to wish my great nephews Kyle and Cody a very happy birthday. I can't believe they are now 5 years old and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I can remember holding them the afternoon they came home from the hospital. Wow, time flies.

katies graduation cody and kyle Cody and Kyle


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Your grandnephews are adorable.