Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trip down memory lane

Womans Day january 1942
I have been going thru a box of old magazines that I picked up several years back in a junk shop. I paid next to nothing for the magazines, but I have had hours of enjoyment reading the articles, recipes (especially from the war year and how the women stretched their dollars). Lots of the products are no longer made but many companies advertised  are still around today. I always get a kick out the prices in those old magazines. They are so low compared to today.  This issue of Woman's Day, January 1942 sold for 2 cents. I wasn't born yet, but the photo on the cover reminded me so much of my older brother, Larry and I when we would go sledding on the hill in our backyard in the 50's.
Anyway, I love old magazines and if I can find them at a reasonable (cheap) price I always pick them up. At a yard sale one time I bought a bag full of old Farmers Almanacs, some dating back into the late 1800's. The only year that was missing was my birth year..1948. I was so disappointed. I gave a lot of those almanacs away as gifts, I picked the year that the person I was gifting it to was born. Everyone loved receiving them.
Do you love old magazines? I love to find old letters, ledgers, recipes, glue book/scrap books filled with cards, drawings or whatever, post cards, small doilies, hankies, old buttons, sewing items, but they have  gotten so pricey, but it is wonderful when you find a little treasure for next to nothing.  It is always fun digging thru boxes at yard sales for old jewelry to recycle into a new project. What do you like to collect that is old? I love going thru junk's junk most likely is my treasure. (LOL)
I use to really enjoy participating in ephemera swaps where you had to fill a gallon sized baggie with at least 10 old items. It was like Christmas when you received your exchange package back in the mail, but I never see these offered anymore. 
I am feeling so much better this afternoon, thankfully. Well, I hope you enjoyed the magazine cover that I posted. The Woman's Day magazine always had nice front covers. elaine signature3
P.S...don't forget...tomorrow my giveaway winner for the Tim word sticks will be drawn.


Tammy D said...

I love this cover. I have several from my Grandmother. Old Ledgers would be so fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I also love these old treasures. I have a few I've found in shops and such, but my favorite is from my Mother and Father's things -- a little booklet for buying a war bond in my name (and address) when I was a child in the 40's. Every one of the little stamps was purchased and glued in place. It's a conversation piece today.