Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another snowstorm

The Farmer's Almanac predicted this would be a snowy winter, and they were right. Woke up to a winter wonderland of white. Actually, it is pretty, but that is all I can say about another snowstorm. I am so tired of the white stuff, and it is still January.   Everything under the white stuff is covered in ice. Earlier in the storm we had a slushy rain so the snowfall wasn't as bad as it could have been. I went out with a yardstick, and measured 11 inches of the new snow on top of the crusted old snow from the last storm.1-27-11 snowstorm yardstick
Here are a few photos I snapped when I got up this morning.
Pesky squirrels eating at the Akers bird cafe. I have counted 8 squirrels on/around the  mountain ash tree where my bird feeders are at one time, but most will scatter when they hear the door open.
1.27.11 squirrels on feeder2 1.27.11 squirrels on feeder1 1.27.11 squirrels on feeder3
1.27.11 snowstorm1 spruce tree in back yard
1.27.11 snowstorm erosion bundle1
my erosion bundle covered in snow.

P.S..The sun is now shining brightly, the roads have been plowed and so has our driveway. I took a walk and snapped some more photos. The photos don't show how pretty the snow on the bare tree branches really are in the woods around the yard.  With the sun shining on the snow it looks like millions of diamonds twinkling.
1.27.11 snowstorm around circle1 1.27.11 snowstorm around circle4 1.27.11 snowstorm around circle1 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard4
1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard2 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard7 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard3 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard5 1-31-11 stray kitty the stray male kitty I have been feeding since last spring. I wish he would come inside the house as I would love to have him. I gave him the name Mittens, as he has white feet. Mittens gets along really well with my kitty, Fluffpuff.
1.30.11 fluffpuff in snowy tree my male kitty, Fluffpuff sitting in the Mountain Ash tree in the front yard.
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Anonymous said...

Same here in Southern NJ, Elaine, except we got more than a foot of new show. I've heard experts say that because of Global Warming, this is the new normal!

Tammy D said...

I'm glad it's you guys and not me. Ick. Although it's really coming down here right now it should add up too much. I've got lots of squirrels but my feeders are right outside the window and the squirrels are too wary of the dog and cat who love to watch the bird. The birds don't seem to mind the dog and cat though.

Alicia said...

Elaine, Your pictures are beautiful and some would make super post cards or Christmas Cards! Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland with those of us without the white stuff! *Hugs*

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

For once-it was nice here!!

Susan said...

Your pictures are beautiful but I'm glad it's you and not me in the snow! It was in the high 60's here today.

Birgit said...

Hi Elaine,

Well, what can I say? I have kept on looking through your blog, and now I have given in and signed up as a follower. :)

Greetings from Munich, Germany,