Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blue Jeans Love pocket

Today's art project:
A while back I cut off the back pockets of a pair of my son's old ripped Levi jeans. I tucked the pockets into a desk drawer and forgot about them. I've had those pockets just sitting in the drawer needing to be repurposed since last summer. Earlier this afternoon when I was looking for something in the desk in my craft room I came across the pockets. I guess that was all the nudge I needed to pull out the pocket and create a hanging pocket with it.
When I removed the pockets I cut very close to the heavy double seamed stitching making sure that both the back and front of the pocket were secure and attached. I hand stitched a piece of ecru lace along the top edge of the pocket.  Next, I poked wire from the backside of the pocket to the front, and then curled up the ends so I could hang the finished pocket when the piece was finished. I haven't decided what I want to stuff into the pocket yet. I guess it depends on what I do with it. I could put candy in it, a pair of earrings and use it as a gift package, or stuff the pocket with collage elements and pass the pocket along to someone else.

jeans pocket 2
I added size 8 seed beads to the lace border. Then I added a bow with a silk flower stitched in the center of the bow. The flower needed something in the center so I added a heart shaped red crystal heart in the center of the flower. Now, how decorate the rest of the pocket. I decided to stitch a coffee dyed cotton doily in the center of the pocket. The doily is also something that I've had in my fabric stash for way to long. Next step, I added a vintage photo of a woman holding a letter in her hands. I then added the word LOVE.   To finish off the pocket I used pearls and crystal beads on a head pin to hang from the bottom center of the jeans pocket.
I have several more pairs of old junky jeans in the basement waiting for a makeover and lots of ideas running thru my head.
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Robin said...

Very clever Elaine! Love the addition of the beads too.


Anonymous said...

This is so unique! Who would have thought something as rugged as a guy's jeans pocket could ever become a delicate work of art. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

wow such a great project... Love it...

Susan said...

This is so darling! I love the combo of lace and denim. Great way to recycle.

Diann said...

Neat as can be, Elaine! I love the picture of the lady with the's one of my favorites! Diann

Tammy D said...

Great use of what you've already have. I love it.

Alicia said...

How totally adorable Elaine!!! Your creative mind keeps going and going girl and I am loving watching what all you produce with it! *Hugs*