Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A very talented friend

I have a very talented friend, Nina Owens who lives in Texas. Nina works for Michaels. I have mentioned Nina before on my blog.
 I met Nina many years ago when she flew to the East Coast for a week of art and fun. A group of 15 of us, met thru an online stamping group and at rubber stamp conventions. The group of wonderful ladies come from all over the US to get together for a week in RI most every summer. The art retreat is usually held in July, and we stay with two of the wonderful ladies that live in RI. We take turns teaching classes, go sight seeing, eat out, eat in, and have a simply marvelous time.
Anyway, Nina was was featured on the Michael's facebook page. Her art is simply amazing, and she can do anything and does it so well.

Click here to read from the Michael's website.  http://www.michaels.com/What-Creativity-Means-To-Nina-Owens/wcmtm-ninaowens,default,pg.html
Nina's wonderful blog.  http://ninaoriginals.blogspot.com/


Linda Reid said...

Yeah!!! Good for you, Elaine for finding that!!!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

This is wonderful, Elaine!!!