Monday, July 25, 2011

Alive and well

Hello bloggers. If you have checked my blog lately, you can see that I have been absent, but I am still alive and kicking. I just haven't had time to create any jewelry or art in such a long time.                  

Mom remains in the nursing home, but we are trying to complete the tons of long term care paper work that the  insurance company wants so we can bring her home with round the clock care. Then I will have free time again. You can't even imagine the paper work and running around involved.

On my birthday, when I went to Rockland to take a journal class, on my way home I stopped at Michael's. I found and bought a bag of assorted colored glass mosaic pieces. The glass pieces were mostly rectangular, but a few in the bag were oval shaped. The price was great...$1.99.  

I want to try and make some pins and necklaces out of the glass pieces. I have scalloped copper foil that they use in stain glass work to cover the edges of the glass and I did put the copper foil around 2 pieces.

I need to go down cellar and  dig out my box soldering supplies. I can only guess how much practice I will need to get a smooth finish, as it has been a few years since my last soldered project. The glass pieces look dichoric on one side and the other sides is shimmery irridescent. I thought that the glass would be cool turned into jewelry. Maybe with a charm added to the glass piece. We shall see how that turns out. At least the idea is floating around in my head and I have everything to do the project. I just need to find the time.
It has been so very hot and humid here in Massachusetts, and we have had a few days that had brief periods of torrential rain which made the humidity worse. Today it was warm, but cloudy, and a little while ago it started to rain softly. The garden is doing well, but no tomatoes yet. Blueberries are ripening, and flowers are blooming. The hummingbirds are busy at my feeders, and the little wrens continue to fly in and out of the bird house.
Late this afternoon I heard tiny chirping noises coming from inside the wren house..ah, the babies have finally hatched.
The other day coming home from dads, I saw a large deer on a cranberry bog, and from time to time I see the turkeys with the babies that I shared photos with you in an earlier blog post. The baby turkeys are getting to be quite big. The summer is flying by so quickly, and here we are almost to the end of July.

Thinking about is a recent picture of my little granddaughter Bella...age 14 months.

Well, gotta run. Thanks for continuing to stop by to visit my blog even though I haven't been very active blogging, but don't give up on me. :-) 


Barbara said...

I've been absent too Elaine. We have had the same weather here in NJ. Your plans for the glass pieces sound very neat, I'll be watching. Take care!

Barbara Hagerty said...

Bella is adorable! I love that sweet, happy face!!

Your glass pieces are beautiful, too Elaine! What a great idea to use them in jewelry pieces! They look wonderful with the scalloped copper. I wish I could solder. I just love the look of soldered art jewelry, but I think that's one skill I'll leave others to accomplish. I'm allergic to nickel, and I'm not too keen on playing with fire.

I hope you can cut through the paperwork and bring your mom home soon!