Thursday, July 14, 2011


I had a birdhouse that had fallen to the ground, when the branch it had been on broke off in the winter. I didn't know where I wanted to re hang the house, and so I just placed it  on my back deck railing. A few weeks ago, I decided to hang the birdhouse from a plant hanger on the side of the house.  Much to our surprise a few days later wrens had taken up residence. The nest is now complete and the female wren is sitting on her eggs. Both the male and female are in and around the porch to check out what we are doing as we have to go by their nest box every time we go down the back deck steps.
wren on railing6on the railing early in the morning
wren on top of house1 wren in house2 wren on house3 wren on house4 wren on house5 
I love watching and listening to these tiny birds, but they aren't very friendly towards other nesting birds, as they will go into a nest box and break the eggs, and then build a nest of twigs over the old nest. Click on the photos to enlarge.
I haven't posted much, as we had no phone/internet service for several days. I never found out what the problem was exactly, but it affected a large area.  Then, I had blogger problems with Google. Google was giving me fits, by not excepting my email and password...UGGGG!!!!! Anyone else having blogger issues?
I've also been busy running to lawyers, calling the insurance company to get the paperwork for my mothers long term care policy initiated. What a rip off LTC policies are...they cost a lot of money, and they pay only a pittance of what the daily cost of care  is. Then if you decide to stay in your home and have round the clock care they only pay 1/2 daily of what they pay if you are in a nursing home or assisted living. You also have to be approved to receive the daily payouts. If you are thinking of buying LTC insurance...don't!!! Just protect your house and assets.
I had a great birthday, and the class I took on my birthday was so much fun. Cheryl was a great teacher, and she shared so many tips and techniques.
I also bought a few birthday presents for myself...2 sets of twinkling H20's and a set of new twinkling H20 colors. I also bought 3 blueberry bushes that I need to get in the ground. My family has lots of blueberry bushes in several locations, but this way with having my own bushes, I can just go into the backyard and pick. The bushes were loaded with fruit, which I picked and ate. The berries were huge, sweet and so yummy.
blueberries 3 bushes3   blueberriesbluejay2 blueberriesduke1
My friend, Betty Ann  gave me a beautiful hydrangea that I also need to get into the ground.
hdrangea from BettyAnn7.10.11 
We went out for my birthday dinner on Sunday night, and again with my oldest son on Tuesday night. When we went out on Tuesday night, I wanted a lobster roll, but the waitress came back to let me know they had run out of lobster. At the end of the meal the waitress gave me a business card that the manager wrote on the back that the card was good for a free lobster roll on my next visit. I thought that was really nice of the restuarant manager. I was spoiled with gifts of money and gift certificates to Michael' truly was a wonderful 63rd birthday.

Last week we got 2 inches of rain in a day, and late yesterday afternoon we had another heavy rainstorm with thunder and lightening. When I emptied the rain guage last night after it stopped raining I dumped 1  5/8th's inches of water. Also, last night was the first night that I saw lightening bugs. I love how they light up as they fly around. When I see the bugs I always have great memories from my childhood of running thru  the fields with a jar that had holes punched in the jar lid so the bugs would have air. My brothers and I also had contest to see who could catch the most lightening bugs. We would bring the jars inside and then place them on our nightstands to watch them before we fell asleep. We would release the bugs in the morning.
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Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds like you had a well deserved excellent birthday celebration. Good for you!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! I recently had a lot of blogger problems (as did a lot of my blogging friends)--I think they were updating or something. Everything seems good now. You brought by memories of my own childhood when I used to catch lightening bugs, too!

Barbara said...

Happpy Birthday, Elaine, I had one too on the 5th. No blogger problems on my end.