Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Turkey Trot

After visiting my mom at the nursing home today, I took my dad around the bogs. This has become a ritual in the past several weeks. I love spending this special time with my dad. We have always been close, but as he gets older, I treasure our time together even more.

At the bogs today...some bogs that have late vines are still in bloom and other early vines on the bog have already mostly stopped blooming and have started to form cranberries that will be ready to harvest in late September.

Ben Lear vines with berries

cranberries Ben Lears getting bigger2011 cranberries 2Ben Lears getting bigger2011 with a few blossoms still on the vine

Also, driving around the bog the air was so fragrant with the  sweet smell of wild honeysuckle blossoms. honeysuckle wild

I also found this weird looking (approximately 5 1/2 inch, helmet shaped)  mushroom with bumps all over the top. The mushroom was short stemmed...does anyone know what it is? It looked so alien.

mushroom1 mushroom2

Then, I drove my SUV to one of the bogs near the river to check the cultivated bushes that my dad and uncle planted many years ago. I found some that some of the blueberries were ripe, and I picked several handfuls for dad and I to eat...so yummy and sweet. I will have to keep an eye on the blueberry bushes, as I want to pick the berries before  the birds get to them. I will share with all of you a blueberry cake recipe that my mother has made since she was first married...everyone loves her recipe on another day.

waiting for these to turn blueberries to finish ripening

 blueberries2 Plympton11 blueberries Plympton11

blueberries green at richards a later variety

You have probably been wondering what the heck my title Turkey Trot had to do with what you have read so far. Well, read on. :-)

After I took dad home, not far from his house, I saw two adult hen turkeys with babies. I had driven past the birds and I had to back  the car down the street, get out my camera, open my drivers side window, and try to get photos as the birds were running around in someone's yard. I did manage to snap a few photos that weren't blurry. A police car slowed way down as I was backing down the road...I wonder if he thought I was casing that persons yard, but he didn't stop. Maybe he saw my camera.

turkey1 hen closest to the road when I first started taking photos.

turkeys 2 with babies if you enlarge this photo by clicking on it, you will see the 2nd large turkey near the tire of the car in back.

turkey babies2 these little guys sure could run fast, and I only got 2 of the babies in my photo,  as the rest had already run into the deep grass to hide.

Hope you enjoyed my photos that I captured today. Today was another hot day, almost 100 and it was quite humid.

Oh, and I took a picture of Tuffy this morning sleeping in a grocery bag. He loves to sleep in bags and cardboard boxes. He loves that pink striped bag, but he has all but destroyed it.

kitty..tuffy in a bag kitty..tuffy in a bag3 comfy

kittys..fp5 Fluff Puff also vegging out

elaine signature3

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