Friday, July 8, 2011

Heavy Rains

Since early this morning we have had heavy rain with lots of thunder and lightening. I just emptied 2 inches of rain from the rain gauge on the back deck. I'm not sure if Tom emptied it earlier. There are deep puddles everywhere/

I ran outside at 8 o' clock this morning to put my younger brothers birthday card in the mailbox. My younger brother, Richard and I celebrate our birthdays on the same day. Richard, was born on my 11th birthday, and at the time I was none to happy, as I wanted a sister, not another brother. 

Coming back from the mailbox I saw this big bug on the windshield of my SUV. When I went to see what it was the bug flew onto the kitchen steps banister. On close inspection, I saw that it was a 2 inch long Cicada bug. These bugs are ugly with flattened head and bug eyes, but kind of neat in their own way. The wings are really pretty, as they are see thru and the patterns are cool and then the bright green also on the wings. So, I ran and got my camera and took the pictures below.

cicada bug2 cicada bug3 cicada bug4 cicada bug1

This morning my dad and 3 brothers and I went to the nursing home for a meeting about my mom, and what we need to get her home. Monday morning a representative from an agency will be coming to talk with us for setting up round the clock care for my mom at home.

I also received an email this morning that my favorite scrapbook store on Cape Cod, Colorful Creations is closing their store July 3oth. So sad to see it go. I guess I will have to take a quick trip to the Cape soon.

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Joanne Huffman said...

The last time I saw a cicada, there were swarms of them and the high pitched noise (scream) and crunchy sound from stepping on them will stay with me forever (to say nothing of having to wipe them off every time you entered a building). It sounds like you're making progress with getting your mom home; good luck with it.

Barbara said...

We had the same rain, Elaine. Neat bug photos, perhaps some inspiration for art there? Our glads are all falling over. We are just cutting and enjoying them indoors. Is that what you do?
Just realized I missed a couple of your past posts. Tuffy is adorable!!!