Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun morning shopping

Happy July 1st.  Can you believe that we are 1/2 way thru 2011.

My dad took a ride to Vermont with my brother yesterday and they stayed overnight at my brothers place in East Ryegate which is across the road from Tickle Naked Pond. Quite the name for a pond, eh? :-) My dad decided to go, because there has been a gastrointestinal bug going around the nursing home with residents and staff, and they discouraged visits for a few days. Dad feels real guilty if he doesn't go to visit my mom everyday.

That meant I had the morning free today. I decided to take a ride to the scrapbook store...The Crop Shop in Rockland. I knew from an email that came yesterday that the new Wizard of Oz papers and other item's had come in.
Right as I entered the store, just inside the front door..I found a rack with all the new Graphics 45, Wizard of Oz items. And, then as I was selecting my Oz items,  the owner told me everything in the store was on sale for 30% off. She made my day, but I then I knew my checkbook would take a good hit. :-)

I took photos of what I bought and they are below...
Wizard of Oz 8 x 8 scrapbook pad. double sided 8 x 8

art supplies8

I almost bought the larger 12 x 12 pad, but I decided to buy individual sheets of the larger papers that
I liked best.
  art supplies4 art supplies5 12 x 12 double sided papers
art supplies11 packages 1 and 2 of chipboard Wizard of Oz pieces
art supplies10 3 packages of Wizard of Oz foam mounted rubber stamps
art supplies1 assorted 12 x 12 double side papers and cutouts
art supplies6 assorted beach themed 12 x 12 papers and cutouts
art supplies7 London themed stickers
art supplies3 a few sheets of London, England themed 12 x 12 scrapbook papers
art supplies9 leaf stickers, 2 horse die cut outs, lace
art supplies2 assorted circus themed 12 x 12 papers

12 x 12 Tim Holtz double sided paper pack and two  Distressed Ink pads.

I also signed up for a class at The Crop Shop for Sunday, July 10th, which is my birthday.  I decided it would be a nice birthday present to myself, as I haven't taken a class in ages.  The guest teacher will be,    Cheryl Mezzetti , and accomplished artist. I am taking the Seaside Escape Album class from (10:00am-12:30pm) at The Crop Shop. I met Cheryl yesterday when she brought the journal for her second class for Sunday, July 10th, to The Crop Shop. I am still debating whether to sign up for her second class. Both journals were full of embellishments and very well done.
                                                       Seaside Escape Photo Journal Class

Cheryl's second class that she will be teaching...Easel photo journal

As I was leaving the scrapbook store there were 2 chipmunks in the grass in front of my car. I had my camera handy, and I snapped these photos.
chipmunk1 chipmunk2 chipmunk3 chipmunk4
I love chipmunks, and they seem to be everywhere this year. In the past several years I hadn't seen many at all.
I took the two photo's below in Plymouth the other day when I took my mom out of the nursing home to bring her to Jordan  hospital, in Plymouth  for an ultrasound test.  Then, Dad and I treated mom to a lobster roll at Isaac's restaurant which overlooks Plymouth harbor. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day and mom enjoyed her time away from the nursing home.
Plymouth harbor ma and dad Plymouth 6.28.11
swans1 swans2 I snapped these photos of swans near my parents house when I was bringing my mom back to the nursing home.   reflections on the water..neat.
Yesterday, I had to go for a routine bone density test, in Dartmouth. I stopped at the Michael's store that was nearby and found more of the smooch spritz sprays on clearance.  Have you tried these? I love them.
F.Y.I....Stay tuned...tomorrow I will be posting another giveaway. So, don't forget to check back.
Hope you all have a happy, but safe 4th of July long holiday weekend.
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Alicia said...

Oh Elaine, What adorable pictures of the chipmunks! I've never seen a real one but they are SO danged cute! What a great haul you found on your new WoO Papers, stamps and etc! Can't wait to see what you create with them! *Hugs*

Tammy D said...

Looks like a great day shopping! I'm so glad. Pictures are super great too!

Vic said...

Great shopping and pictures! You're in my thoughts.

Dorothy said... did great on the shopping!! have fun and i am looking forward to your creations!

Anonymous said...

oh wow such great finds you got when shopping... Love your projects.

Joanne Huffman said...

Really great shopping finds. I bet you have a great time in the class (early Happy Birthday to you!). I love the chipmunk photos. Glad you gave your mom a good outing (I love lobster rolls, too). The harbor and the swans look beautiful.