Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nesting perhaps???

swans at edge of water1

swan at edge of water3 the swan that I think is sitting on eggs

swan at edge of water2 Mr. Hissy

swan at edge of water4

Everyday on the way from my dad's to the nursing I see a pair of swans sitting  right on the waters edge and only a foot from the road, on a little piece of land between the waters edge and road.

Today, I decided to drive ahead, park my vehicle, and walk back to see if I could snap a few photos. I stayed across the street from the swans and used my zoom lens. The swan on the left stood up and hissed at me, but the swan on the right, fluffed up her wings and nestled back down. I saw loose fluffy white feathers, and so I am wondering if the pair are nesting. Seems like a weird spot, because any animal on the prowl at night could get to them or the eggs.

There are so many swans around this year. Most don't appreciate them, because generally they won't let native ducks nest in the same water anywhere near them. I still think swans are beautiful.

Today, was hot and humid. I had to take mom and dad to Plymouth again for doctor appointments. We then went out for lunch, and back to my parents house where my mom visited for a bit, and then I took her back to the nursing home. Mom was glad to get out of the facility for the day. We are working on getting her back home with round the clock care.

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Barbara said...

I agree, they are beautiful! I saw one nesting on the shore of a lake in a Boston city park. They had cordoned the area off with fencing so visitors couldn't disturb them.

Joanne Huffman said...

I always think swans are beautiful to look at, but they do have nasty dispositions.