Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cool art from England

blog art recvd. Sherry packaging

Do you remember reading my post about finding old and brittle Friendly Plastic that I found hidden away.  Well, I wrote that if anyone wanted some I would share. Sherry from England wrote and I sent her some of the old FP. Visit  Sherry's blog

Yesterday I found in my mailbox a package from England. Sherry made and sent me the cutest little hand made book with a FP piece with England's flag colors on the front.

    blog art recvd. Sherry front London book w. FP blog art recvd. Sherry inside London book inside of the little book

blog art recvd. Sherry back London bookstamped back cover of the book. I love the stamps that Sherry used. Ever since my trip to England in 1998, I have collected stamps of images from England.

blog art recvd. Sherry stamped beaded SP

Sherry also included  red/white/blue beads with English themed rubber stamped shrink plastic pieces dangling from the beads. The piece can be hung and I will probably attach it to the little book, as it would go perfectly with it. In the package was also a small clear stamp.

Sherry shared with me some English Rubber stamp companies.

Some other nice London themed rubber stamps are made by Darkroom Door    http://www.artisttradingpost.com/new-darkroom-door---london-1-6321-p.asp 
Finally, another nice website I've seen (although, again I haven't bought off them - yet!) is

Thanks again Sherry for the awesome mail day. :-)



Sherry Edwards said...

You're welcome Elaine! Glad you liked it all, and thanks again from sharing some of your Friendly Plastic xx

Joanne Huffman said...

What a nice thank you.