Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going Postal

Do you get the winter blahs? Do you like finding fun mail in your mailbox? I do, and I am sure most of you like to find a handmade card, post card and other objects of art that are handmade arriving at your door anything fun and not a bill.

Well, if you are like me...I love getting fun mail. So, would any of you who read my blog like to trade with me some mail art...1 for 1 It can be a postcard, card, tag, atc or an empty, sealed, decorated envelope that you have created.
This morning I cut some dry cat food boxes to make into post cards. I cut the box down to the size I wanted and then cut and ran a base paper thru my Xyron . I then adhered the paper to the front of my cut cardboard 5 x 7 card. You can also paint on the cardboard and then collage over it to your hearts content. The address and message side I just leave plain with maybe a little stamping on it.

 cardboard post card from box  the box I started with

Since I like the Wizard of Oz..they were the first post cards that I put together this morning.
cardboard WOZ postcard witch You say Wicked like it's a bad thing
cardboard WOZ postcard 4 going to oz Road to Oz
I don't have anymore of those clear envelopes to send these post cards thru the mail, and so I will be giving them a coat of Mod Podge to protect them as they go thru the mailing process.  I will write my message and the address on the other side.

Sealed empty envelope mail art.
mail art decorated envelope shopping2 empty envelope painted with blue green lumiere, gold and pearl paints. Stamped and collaged.
mail art decorated envelope1 empty sealed envelope painted with gold and pearl lumiere paints. Rubber stamped and collaged butterfly.
So, are you interested? This is open to all. If you are ...send me an email  with your mailing address and let the fun begin. I hope you will consider swapping with me.
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Birgit said...

What a lovely idea, Elaine! :) Right now I am running behind with a few things, but I would love to swap a card with you later this year. Maybe I will even manage to create something nice in time for Valentine's Day. I will be sure to be in touch then, okay?


PS: A big thanks for the lovely New Year's note -- so very much appreciated!