Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kliban Cat Moveable Parts ATC

AAWA1.2012 Kliban cat moveable1 eyeballs move
In the group, An Affair with Art, this month I signed up to make 2 ATC's that have some kind of moveable part. I thought long and hard, and clocks kept coming to mind, but then...I came across my boxes of Kliban cat stamps that I haven't used in a good long time. Do you remember the Kliban cat from long ago? The most popular image was the sneaker cat.
I am a long time Kliban cat fan and over the years have bought Kliban cat mugs, pot holders, sheets, note cards, ornaments, key chains, pens, magnets, t- shirts, sweatshirts and many, many rubber stamps.
When I first started stamping in January of 1990, I ordered many of the Kliban cat stamps from advertisers in the RSM magazine. In my travels, I always added more of the cat images to my collection and at that time Rubber Stampede stamp company had the rights to the Kliban cat images. Then after the artists death, American Art Stamps had the rights to the images, but they haven't had the rights now for years.
I use to have a Kliban cat website where we held art swaps after the online group Prodigy went by the wayside. There were many of us who loved the Kliban cat and we did many swaps stamping those black and white striped cat images. We stamped handmade gifts, ornaments, post cards, recipe books, bookmarks, and  wonderful calendars just to name a few things.
I selected the rubber stamp image that I decided would work really well on my ATC. I added moveable eyeballs.
AAWA1.2012 Kliban cat moveable atc2 the hearts on the top of ATC isn't crooked, the glue just isn't fully dried and the piece wasn't laying down flat and I didn't get a good photo.
I hope Barbara R. and Kris H. will enjoy my Kliban kitty ATC's.
Do any of you have Kliban cat stamps? Anyone want to do a one for one art swap? It can be a Kliban cat postcard, atc or card swap? If so, send me an email, and I would be happy to ink up my Kliban cat stamps again to create some Kliban cat art. I hope there are some of you who have the stamps and would like to trade some mail art.  :-)
I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I had a busy week taking  my parents to appointments. Friday the 13th, came and is just another day to me, as I am not superstitious, are you? I love black cats, and opening an umbrella in the house doesn't bother me at all. :-) The weather has been frigid and the winds have been howling which makes it seem even colder. I sure wish those 2 stray kitties would decide to come inside for good.
Happy Sunday!


Barbara said...

Very cute, Elaine! Kudos to you for signing up!

Anonymous said...

Let me dig out my Kliban Cat stamps and I will make a postcard and send it to you !!!! How fun, have not used them for years !!!!!!
Liane :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

I have a strange fondness for googley eyes. Very cute cards.