Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not much art happening here

Hello my friends. Yes, I know, I haven't posted anything to my blog in several days. No time for art. As you know from reading my blog, that my mom who will soon be 89 has Alzheimer's.

Last Thursday while I was at the hairdresser's getting my haircut, I received a phone call from the visiting nurse that she had called  9-1-1  for an ambulance for my mom. My mother was complaining of chest pressure.  Mom was brought to Jordan Hospital, and there they ran lots of tests and she was kept for a few days. No heart problems were detected, but they changed up her heart medications, found she a UTI and put her on an antibiotic. The doctor also put her on Prilosec for acid reflux.  Anyway, mom came home on Sunday and seems to be doing okay. The stress of all this is taking a toll on my 93 year old dad. Dad remains in denial about my mom's condition.

Saturday night we celebrated our son, Steven's 39th birthday with a nice dinner and birthday cake.

Bella Steven party looking at cake. 1.28.2012Bella was really interested in her daddy's birthday cake.

Bella Stevenparty blowing out candles10. 1.28.2012

Bella Stevens party9. 1.28.2012waiting patiently

Bella Stevens party8. 1.28.2012I'm ready for the cake

Bella Stevens party6. 1.28.2012first tasting

Bella Stevens party10. 1.28.2012       oh my! That cake and frosting sure tasted good.

Hopefully today I can catch up on some things and have a stress free day.



Joanne Huffman said...

The frosting face photo is a classic. I hope you have many stress free days ahead.

Barbara said...

Nice family pics, that one titled "waiting patiently" is adorable. Think I see a little of the devil in those eyes! Wishing you more peaceful days coming, and wellness for your Mom.