Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shabby Chic Friendly Plastic Heart pin

Shabby chic burlap fp pin

Not long ago I tried for the first time working with friendly plastic that I had stored away for ages. If you read my blog you probably saw the first few pieces of Friendly Plastic that I melted from the old brittle plastic.

This morning I made a Shabby Chic  Valentine pin using the heart piece as the focal point. I cut a strip of burlap fabric and pleated it to make a circle.  Instead of sewing the burlap this time I just stapled the pleated burlap in the center. I then cut a strip of a used dryer sheet and pleated that into a circle to make a flower shape. I then glued the dryer sheet flower to the burlap, and then glued the heart Friendly plastic piece to the center. This pin took no time at all to create. When the glue is dry I will pin it to my jacket.

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Barbara said...

Very attractive Valentine pin, and as always, very creative!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I really like this pin. You will be cheering up the winter while you wear this.