Friday, January 20, 2012

Woke to Snow for our 44th anniversary

snowstorm 1.20.2012 sun coming up thru spruce tree January 20, 2012 at 7:15 a.m. the sun coming up was so pretty peeking thru the spruce tree branches

Today, Tom and I are celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary and we woke up to see that it had snowed. There is about 4 inches of the white stuff on the ground. More snow is expected today and tomorrow. I snapped a couple pictures from the kitchen steps and thru the bedroom window.
snowstorm 1.20.2012 Jr and Muffy our 2 stray kitties who were waiting patiently at the bottom of the kitchen steps while I put out food for them. We named the kitties..Jr. who is on left. Jr. looks just like our rescued Tuffy, and the kitty on the right is Muffy. The kitties will come into the house to eat, but are still very skittish. They do stay sheltered and out of the cold/wet as they sleep in the dog house that the dog never used.
snowstorm 1.20.2012 Jr and Muffy on steps snowstorm 1.20.2012 Muffy Muffy looking into the kitchen hoping my kitties will come out to play. Aren't they cute?
snowstorm 1.20.2012 Muffy and Jr peeking into the kitchen Muffy and Jr meow at me
thru the door and stare at my 2 kitties
snowstorm 1.20.2012 Muffy and Jr peeking into the kitchen2 

snowstorm 1.20.2012 trees in backyard I thought these snow covered branches were really pretty...looked like white icicles.  
snowstorm 1.20.2012cardinal in back yard tree2pretty male cardinal in my butterfly bush. I had to really zoom in to get this picture, as I was standing inside my kitchen to take the bird photos.
snowstorm 1.20.2012cardinal in back yard feeder coming to the feeder snowstorm 1.20.2012cardinal in back yard tree cardinal in my butterfly bush in the back yard
snowman cookie..Im meltingI can't remember where I found this cookie on the internet, but thought it was adorable. The head is a marshmallow.  The sun is shining brightly right now, and some of the snow is melting.
Check back later today, because I am going to be posting another little giveaway because my blog has had over 30,000 views. Thanks to all of you. :-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Elaine....Happy Anniversary !!!!!!
Liane :-)

Alicia said...

What a winter wonderland you have!! It is SO pretty! Your strays are adorable! I do hope they soon take to you more and will venture in the house to find warmth and love! Happy Anniversary to you and Tom!!! *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty!!! But I'm SO glad it's at your house!!! ;)

Lorraine said...

great photos..I like snow when I dont have to drive in it to do the school run! Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments on my paintings

Joanne Huffman said...

Belated Happy Anniversary! Your snow photos are lovely: the kitties are charming and I love the cardinal in the tree,

Birgit said...

Happy anniversary, Elaine -- please say also hello to your husband! :)

What a truly beautiful winter wonderland. Of course, I like the photos of the cats best. :)