Thursday, April 12, 2012

Box of old photos

This morning as I was going thru a box of old photo's..I sure had a lot of laughs. Isn't it amazing how everyone looked so young in the  pictures.  Gee, how can that be? (LOL)  In the photo box there were so many fun memories.  Below are a few of the photos from the box.
But first, I will share a few recent photos .. a picture of a deer in the woods that I took this afternoon on my way home from grocery shopping. I only had my old digital camera in the car, and it doesn't have a big zoom lens.
3.12.2012 deer in the woods Cushman St ext
cranberry bog photos taken 2 weeks ago the morning after a frost. The irrigation system had been going all night. You can see how cold it got by all the ice on the bog. We went from temps in the high 70's-low 80's back down to normal March temps.
3.2012 frost night on the bog ice covered bog surrounding the sprinkler head
3.2012 frost night on the bog2 in the morning the sprinkler was still going
Now for some old photos...
The below photo was taken in 1967. On the night of my capping ceremony which was held in the Old North Church, Boston. Shephard-Gill School of nursing. I am in the 3rd row..4th from the right. Weren't those uniforms ugly? The large white bibs were so stiff with starch. The hospital's laundry (New England Baptist) would wash, starch and iron for us.
Shephard Gill Nursing School pic Capping night
old Halloween photo taken in the 70's..Tommy, Steven and Me (dressed as a clown)
Old Halloween pics..Tommy Steven Ma
2 photos below were taken in the 80's on a very cold, windy day...Shelling after a big storm at Sanibel Island, Florida, near the lighthouse. My husband told me I was nuts to be in the cold water that morning. By the time I filled several bags with shells, I couldn't even feel my feet , as they were like blocks of ice. I had never had such good shelling as that morning, and I didn't care how cold the water was...I wasn't going to stop shelling. Just scooping the net on the ocean floor and it would be filled with shells that were normally from very deep water.
shelling on Sanibel Island1 In the 80's I had a perm and here my hair is very wind blown from the howling wind. The only good thing about the perm was that my nursing cap stayed on much better with the curls than when I wore my hair straight. Anyway, not good. (LOL)
shelling on Sanibel Island2 the Sanibel stoop.
As you can see in this photo there was someone else looking for shells that was as nutty as I was that day in that freezing water. Tom almost had to carry me back to the parking lot, because I couldn't feel my feet. I didn't care, as I had an awesome time that morning.
here is the one and only photo I snapped of an armadillo that I chased along the roadside in Florida. The armadillo was the first I had ever seen in the wild. I never imagined that an armadillo could run so fast, or even swim as it tried to run away from me.      I wonder what the people passing by in their cars thought as they saw a crazy northerner chasing an armadillo. :-) Too funny!
 armadillo in Florida
african violet show I use to grow African Violets for show and the meetings were held at the library in New Bedford.  The 3 plants to the left were some of mine that won prizes and ribbons.
Sunset Bradenton Beach Fl 2 I always took sunset and sunrise photos. My kids could never understand why. Every one is always so beautiful..Bradenton Beach, Florida
Sunset Bradenton Beach Fl 1 Bradenton Beach, Florida
I hope you enjoyed my old photos.


In the Light of the Moon said...

Lovely photos...and I too love the sunset and sunrise...but the sunrise,its magical,a new beginning..another make this day...the best day ever.
Thank you for stopping by,
Warmest Regards,Cat

Joanne Huffman said...

I enjoyed the photos (I think I had the same perm in the early 80s). It's always such a pleasure to recall the memories from old photos.

Diann said...

Loved viewing your old photos with you! Your ART in other posts is go girl!