Monday, April 30, 2012

Kitty, Foxes, and Birds

Fluff Puff 3.2012

This morning I had to take my Fluffpuff to the vets for his yearly exam, and it was also time for his Feline distemper and leukemia vaccines. As soon as Fluff saw the kitty carrier, he was off like a shot and went into hiding. I called, and called, and looked everywhere...NO KITTY. I thought I was going to have to cancel the appointment, but I finally found him hiding under the bed.
All the way to the vets Fluff yowled in the crate, but once he is tat the vets he settles down. The vets and vet techs love our Fluffy and he gets a lot of attention while he is at the vets office.   Leaving the vets $98.00 poorer, Fluff  yowled all the way home. As soon as Fluff got back home and out of the kitty carrier, once again he was off like a shot and has been hiding out ever since.

While at the vet a gorgeous golden retriever came in and he was so friendly. The dog came right over to me and wanted to get in my lap. I wanted to take him home. I miss our golden retriever and this dog looked just like our Bear with his dark red coat.

After bringing home the cat, I picked up my friend and we drove to the cranberry bog. My brothers had told me there was a fox den with little ones that they had been seeing around the bog. I guess one of the adult foxes had been shot for stealing chickens. We drove all around the bogs, but unfortunately...we didn't see the little kit foxes or the mother. Probably should have waited until around supper time and not mid day to try and spot them.

While at the bog, I stopped the car and we watched a Killdeer for a bit as it walked around the drainage ditch going in and out of the water. I love Killdeer.                                                                                         I also noticed that the tree swallows were back and skimming over the bogs and the water in the reservoirs catching bugs. 



When I got home a little while ago, I put a big pot of pea soup to cooking. I had a ham bone with quite a bit of meat still on it so I didn't want it to go to waste. Homemade pea soup is so good, and I always have several that want a container of the soup.


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Joanne Huffman said...

Your cat looks so fluffy; she certainly fits her name. Sorry you didn't get to see the foxes; it's been years since I've seen any but I remember my delight at seeing a mother followed by 2 kits. The soup sounds like a good (and tasty) idea.