Sunday, April 15, 2012

A chick chick here, and a chick chick there

chicken card for peeps sake 
A couple of weeks ago I bought some chicken scrapbook paper at Michael's and decided to make a couple of cards using the paper. My scanner isn't working at the moment, and I had the most difficult time trying to get a good photo of this card. I'm still not happy with how the photo came out, but it was the best I could do. I rubber stamped on the ribbon (which is very hard to see) for peeps sake!  I flattened a bottle cap and glued Happy Birthday that I rubber stamped, and used a 1 inch punch and then glued that to the bottle cap.
2nd. Chicken card...
chicken card2
My son, Steven and my sister in law both like chickens. Terry has raised chickens for years, and collects chicken things. Steven, just bought 12 baby chickens. He bought several varieties..2 of each. Steven wants to have fresh eggs. I laughed, when he told me he was going to raise chickens, because Steven won't eat an egg.
The pictures  below, I took on Easter Sunday. The photo was taken from above and is hard to see due to the red heat lamp on the baby chicks that keeps them warm. Most are lying down in the shavings sleeping.
 baby chicks2 all 6 new chicks..hard to see..2 sleeping, 1 awake at the top. On the bottom near the feeder and wall of the a little yellow chick sleeping, and a yellow and dark chick sleeping between the feeders.
baby chicks1 2 chicks sleeping, and 1 awake on the little roost.

the picture above was taken was the chicks first time outside in their new pen. The baby chicks can only go out in the day time, as they are still too small and need to stay under the heat lamps, but today was sunny and warm. Steven first bought 6 chicks, and then a few weeks later he bought another six. You can see some are bigger than others, and more feathered out.

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Oh how CUTE!! Love your cards ma'am!!!!