Tuesday, April 10, 2012


swimmer dive right in napkins napkin

I haven't had much time lately and to be truthful, I just haven't felt like creating any art projects.

This morning I happened to glance at a package of napkins that was unopened on my computer desk and decided to use the image on the napkin to create a tag. I have so many decorative napkins that I have used for decoupage. Do you use napkins in your artwork?

From the napkin, I cut out some of the flowers and the butterfly swimsuit girl. I then smooshed different colors of Tim Holtz blue distress ink onto a white tag. Then lightly rubber stamped a small flower image onto the tag. I added the flowers and girl and rubber stamped the words. I then added a sheer yellow ribbon that had bees on it to finish off the tag.

tag swimming girl create stories

I didn't get to post on Easter Sunday, but we had a nice dinner with my son, Steven, my d-i-l, Robin, Addie (Robin's mom) and Bella.

Bella loved the little wind up white bunny that hopped. Easter Sunday Bella squatting under the table 2012      Bella never goes around the table..she always scoots under it. Coming

GoingEaster Sunday Bella crawling under table 2012

 Easter Sunday Bella in kitchen with beach shoes on2012  had to try on her new beach shoes that I gave her. The beach shoes sure didn't go with the pretty dress. Bella also loved the stuffed yellow Peep that I gave her.

Easter Sunday Bella squatting2012loves going bare foot. Squatting on the floor with her wind up bunny in her hand.


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Joanne Huffman said...

I like the whimsy of your tag. And, Bella's photos are adorable.