Saturday, April 14, 2012

Started the day with art

dragonfly oriental watercolored card
Since I was up real early I decided to make a card before I head out to run some errands. I like to have cards on hand so I'm not scrambling at the last minute to make one for a birthday, anniversary, or whatever. I leave the inside of the cards blank, and then I just stamp a greeting inside to fit the occasion.
To start..I used water color paper, rubber stamped my image from I used my heat tool to dry the ink, and then used my metallic water color paints on the image. I again used the heat tool to dry the paper and paint. I then splattered more water color paints over the dried image. Using scrapbook paper and corrugated kraft paper as a background, I used my Tim Holtz stapler to attach the stamped image to the background papers. To finish the card I then ran the papers thru my Xyron, and attached the piece to a folded teal cardstock.       It's a shame that the scanned card doesn't show the pretty shimmer of the metallic paints.
As I was looking at all the stuff on my desk this morning, I found a library pocket that I had stamped a Leavenworth Jackson, Alice in Wonderland, tea party image. While my water color paints were out, I added a wash of paint over the library pocket.  I plan to use the pocket in my SMASH book. The photo isn't the best. Sorry about that. The pocket colors are much nicer than it looks here.
alice in wonderland library pocket
While I was taking photos, I also took a couple of pictures of the 2 pussy willow branches that I cut about a month ago while I was visiting my cousin on Cape Cod. The pussy willow catkins have opened and starting to drop off the branches.
pussy willow starts1 
I put the two branches into a clean, plastic, mayonnaise jar that I filled with water. The branches are starting to sprout leaves and develop a good root system.
pussy willow start rootsclose up of the new roots that are developing in the water.
I will wait a bit longer and then put the cuttings into a light potting soil  mix.                                                                                                                   
I was up early, because I had a phone call from my parents house from my mother's caregiver. My dad had coughed all night and was very short of breath and congested. Mom hadn't slept, because the coughing kept her up all night. My brother was taking my dad to the emergency room. I hope dad doesn't have pneumonia, because he is 93.  I tried getting my dad to see his doctor during the week, but he was stubborn and wouldn't go. So, now here it is the weekend, and he will have to be seen in the emergency room at the hospital. I'm hoping he has bronchitis and not pneumonia, and will be given antibiotics and can come home.
It is just a gorgeous spring morning, sunny and warm and the start of a  3 day holiday weekend. Patriots Day is Monday, and the Boston Marathon will be run with participants from all over the world.    Have a great weekend, and once again..thanks for visiting my blog.
P.S...In an email from Taste of Home this morning I saw a recipe for Hummingbird Cupcakes, which had a  4  1/2  star review. I think I will have to try making a batch. Flavored with pineapple, bananas and walnuts—into a bite-sized moist cupcakes. Click here for the recipe...Hummingbird Cupcakes
Hummingbird Cupcakes Recipe


Joanne Huffman said...

Second try at leaving a comment...Love the card, love the library pocket (always enjoy Alice images). I think it's cool you'll have your own pussy willow. I have fond memories of hummingbird cake (had a friend long ago who used to make it for parties).

Vic said...

Your card & pocket are beautiful. I'm glad you got to make some art!