Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great my First Yard Sales of 2012

Yesterday the weather was misty and cool, but there was a huge yard sale that is held every year at Oak Point. The money that is raised is put into a scholarship fund for the senior class of Middleboro High School.

I got up early and braved the crowds. This yard sale is so popular as it has some of everything. It is almost impossible to find a place to park without walking a great distance. So, instead of making numerous trips back and forth to the car I only picked up small inexpensive items. I was happy with my purchases and I spent very little money. I did buy several raffles tickets. I was hoping to win a gorgeous water color painting of a lighthouse beach scene. I guess I didn't win anything with my raffle tickets at the Chinese Auction, because I haven't received a phone call. Oh well, that's how it goes, and the money went to a great cause.

There were several tables and boxes filled with all kinds of glass. I debated on buying some pieces to make glass totems for the yard, but my hands were already filled with the purchases. So, I will look for glass pieces at future yard sales.

I bought an 8 inch Pyrex pie plate...10 cents

a large, new, metal collapsible vegetable steamer...10 cents

a bag of ric rack and bindings...10 cents

yard sale trims and ric rack

a bag with 5 home dec patterns..10 cents

Yard sale 5 patterns home dec 

A Mary Maxim Hooked rug kit for $1.00. I found a label inside that had a price of $90.50. I don't know if that was the correct price or not, but I knew I had a bargain when I saw one.  The finished rug will be 40 x 30. I have never tried hooking rugs before, but I figured for a $1 it would make a good winter project. Inside the box there were 2 rug hooking tools, scissors, finishing tape and material for a backing. What a find!!!

Below is a photo of what the finished rug will look like.

Mary Maxim rug kit photo of kit

Mary Maxim rug kit box Mary Maxim rug kit box and wools rug  Mary Maxim rug kit wools

Then, I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted two hand braided round chair mats, but the best part is when I asked the price. The woman told me 50 cents for the two of them. Wowzer!!!     Years ago my mother, and my aunts use to make braided rugs. I love braided rugs and when I see them at sales I always buy them if they are in good condition.

braided round chair mats yard sale find 2012

braided 2 round chair mats yard sale find 2012

Leaving this yard sale on the same street there was a sign for another yard sale. Come to find out, it was the same house that I bought vintage items, including cabinet cards last spring.

No cabinet cards this year, but I did buy vintage post cards. 2 cards in a baggie for 50 cents. Below are the cards I bought. The first four were my favorites. The woman in the pink dress is really unique. The post card has real hair and metal piece in the ladies hair.

Please...Feel free to use the post cards if you want for your art projects.

vintage postcard Christmastide girl w dog letter

vintage postcard girl w dog in car

Vintage postcard The old clock on the stairs woman white gown

 Vintage postcard woman with real hair

Below...Vintage Scenic post cards from London

Vintage postcard London Parliment bldg vintage postcards england thames embankment Vintage postcard tower of London Vintage postcards Kensington Palace Vintage postcards London Thames embankment vintage postcards westminster abby

All in all, I was very thrilled with my inexpensive purchases. I had an awesome day at my first yard sales of 2012. Do you go to yard sales? If you do, I hope you find some wonderful treasures like I did.

Iris blooms 5.2012 Iris orchid color 5.2012

my iris are starting to bloom