Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sewing Project today...Making a Pillow case

pillowcase first one floral and red
The above finished pillow case is folded so I could get a photo of it.  I had a lot of the floral fabric that I bought years ago. I don't even remember what I planned to do with it, but figured I would use it for my first attempt at sewing a pillow case. I also had some red and white fabric on hand, and I used those as the piping and cuff. I made French seams so there are no raw edges showing. My next pillow case attempt should go much easier now that I've completed sewing this one.
The body is 27 x 42/44 inches, piping 2 inches folded, cuff..9 inches folded.
I watched a video using the Jelly Roll method on You Tube and decided to try making a pillow case.
pillow case tutorial
another good pillow case tutorial

I had problems cutting the fabric straight, because my rotary blade had a dull blade. Next trip to Joann Fabrics that will be what I use my coupon on.
I want to make some pillow cases to give as gifts using material that is appropriate for the individual person that will be receiving each one/set.
I always keep a blanket and a pillow in the SUV and this will probably be the pillow case used on that pillow as the material is kind of bright.


Meggie said...

Hello Elaine....thanks for the youtube link and the dimensions for the pillow case. I must give it a try.

Joanne Huffman said...

I love the idea of a custom made pillow case.