Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unexpected plans over Mother's Day weekend

My cousins, Debbie and Cheryl called on Saturday afternoon to let me know they were coming from the Cape. I had picked up some vases for my cousin Cheryl at Michael's.  We were also going to go get some flowers for Cheryl to put in the vases for the Mashpee Garden Club monthly meeting.
As we  were getting ready to go for flowers we noticed Cheryl's car had a problem and water was draining out. As we added water, the water came out as fast as we put it in. I had Cheryl call my brother, and he came and looked at it.  Needless to say my cousins didn't make it home Saturday night. The car couldn't be driven and had to be towed.
Sunday, Mother's Day I went to visit my Mother.
After visiting with my parent, I took my cousin's back home to Cape Cod. Debbie had to work on Monday, and Cheryl had things she had to do. Once we got back to  the Cape my cousin Debbie bought 6 cooked lobsters and we had boiled lobster for dinner that night. 
Ma 1Mothers Day 2012Mom on Mother's Day
Monday, after Cheryl's meeting we hit Heartbeats, Tumbleweeds and Joann's so I could look for fabric. I bought quite a bit of fabric to make more pillow cases.
Monday night, while Cheryl went to her bowling banquet, Debbie and I cleaned the remaining lobsters and made lobster salad sandwiches for our supper. Yum!!!
Below are some photos I took at my cousins house on Monday.
columbine dark purple Carolyns back door 5.2012 columbine growing by the kitchen steps
double white lilac Andys 5.2012 double white lilac
orange moth 1carolyns 5.2012a colorful moth that was flitting around the back yard.
Below...a hand made oriole feeder. Made of dowels with holes drilled thru so smaller dowels could be inserted to use as perches. Nails are used to hold orange halves that the orioles use to sit on the dowel perches and eat the oranges. Orioles also love grape jelly. I want to make one of these to attract the orioles that are in my yard.
oriole dowel feeder2 oriole dowel feeder1
Sunday evening after our lobster dinner we took a ride to Dennis along 6-A to go to Kate's for an ice cream. No Kate's wasn't open. As we driving back along 6-A I stopped to take a photo of this sunset. It was nowhere as beautiful in the photo as it was seeing it with the naked eye. I love the reflections on the water.
sunset 2dennis mothers day 2012
sunset dennis mothers day 2012 another photo from the same spot as above. The sky was a beautiful red. I got back into the car and headed down the road to Corporation Beach in Dennis. We made it just in time so I could get a few sunset photos at Corporation Beach. There were several other people also taking photos of the sunset.
sunset corporation beach1 dennis mothers day 2012
sunset corporation beach2 dennis mothers day 2012
beach plums in bloom corporation beach dennis 2012 leaving Corporation Beach I spotted several Beach Plum bushes growing in the sandy soil along the roadside. When I was young, my uncle Rei had beach plum shrubs growing in his yard, and my mother and aunt use to pick the small beach plum fruit and make beach plum jelly. Homemade Beach Plum jelly is so good.
After leaving the beach we did find an open ice cream stand, and I indulged in a hot fudge sundae. :-)
Yesterday morning before I headed back home from the  Cape, I drove Cheryl to  deliver her  flower arrangements to the Garden Club meeting. I made a quick stop home and then  I picked up my aunt to take her to her doctors appointment, and then to the drug and grocery store.
I came home to make our supper..shrimp and strip steak, homemade potato salad, steamed broccoli and for dessert sliced, fresh strawberries.
Today, I will probably cut out material for pillow cases as it is raining. Below some of the fabrics I bought. I also bought a lot of solid fabric. I have a lot of cutting to do.

Pink mermaid fabric..Joanns, multicolor aqua mermaid fabric Heartbeat Quilts
fabric mermaids pink and lgt turquoise
Below ..on left..Tumbleweeds, Pink/Lavender floral..Joanns
 fabric florals
Hello Kitty fabric..Joann's
fabric Hello Kitty
3 Horse fabrics..WalMart
fabric horses 3 prints
Laurel Burch small colorful cat fabric..Heartbeat Quilts
fabric Laurel Burch colorful small cats
Blue and Pink Cinderella fabric..WalMart
cinderella fabric blue n pink
fabric cars and John Deere 2 Cars and John Deere fabric..Joanns

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You've been very busy! The fabric looks fun. The sunset photos are beautiful.